Wrong turn, or political incidents


«OxiMironov VS ZuGGano». Give «versus» politics! What to niggle, not all bloggers and rappers betlitsa, politicians are also greedy HYIP! So I thought «Fair Russia», together with a bearded Sergey Mironov about what we need to be closer to young people. Better drawn battle could not come up with. It remains to choose the opponent. «United Russia» — too hard, LDPR — it is virtually impossible to win verbal battles. «Parnam» contact — a more expensive, then roll long. The best option — the Communist party, among them young people support is not that big, and anyway, they’re «old fashioned». The most important thing is to do everything yourself, including writing a text battle, both parties. Therefore, OxiMironov similar to the pensioner in clothing grandson has a lot of punch and started with the remake of the legendary Asimionesei passage about feces, foreskin, penis and so on. ZuGGano mumbled something about the party and Lenin.

When the news came out, everyone thought it was fake, well, not until this fall. All stocked with popcorn, hoping that it will either be very weird or very cool, it is necessary to justify the time spent. It turned out nothing, in my ears squeak in your mouth the taste is not clear why the soul of the residue of disappointment. To lure the electorate did not, being a youth seemed weak. You the members, you people, by definition, does not like, and therefore, requirements will be higher in two times. Since I decided to make fun of the opponent (and it looks this buffoonery so) — do it qualitatively. And remember, young people on cheap tricks is not maintained, it will tell you is too small for such an event, the number of views. Battle Oxy with ST more scored.

On the wave of political madness, we decided to recall other cases when politicians wanted to disrupt the public hype, but screwed up. In the statements, behavior… everything. Although, after «teachers ‘ salaries» is no surprise.

Day of the athlete

Loves Vladimir Zhirinovsky to collect on their open-air journalists, to show how they rest, and to let no harsh comments. Shaking cowards, trying to prove its sportiness, the LDPR leader got the dates wrong. Happen.

Twitter leads to loss of the electorate

Note beginner policy — do not go to Twitter! For example, the democratic Congressman from new York Anthony Weiner behaved like a decent family man, and then he accidentally posted on his account photos of intimate content, the ones that were sent to the mistresses. The time to remove it did not work, had to confess in sins and losing the audience.

More importantly, even in social networks (especially social networks) not to forget that you’re a politician. No need, as the Minister of education to write:

MTS returned to their gavekort. The low quality of the Internet and cheating on 3500 rubles.Attached in them claim was so many grammatical errors that it became immediately clear after the expressions: «June», «over», «SIM card» our education is shining, except that….nothing good.

And if you’re a pensioner, you don’t get too close with my thoughts:

The American Ambassador to Libya was shot like a dog. this was the main expert on the Libyan «revolution». He got what he sowed.America was unhappy.

But when in late 2011 Dmitry Medvedev retweeted the abusive tweet Duma Deputy Konstantin Rykov, were happy with everything.


Today it became clear that if a person writes a blog, the phrase «party of crooks and thieves» it stupidly RAM EB@s ‘ in the mouth

This passage Dmitry Anatolyevich said retweet with the caption «Thank you for your support of «United Russia». And this President, and that’s fine.

Not to show off

Politicians highly undesirable fake it, whatever it is. Especially in the knowledge of others. People are busy, time for adequate study, as a rule, no, but to impress foreign partners after all, passion as you want. It does not always work, however. For example, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd when he served as Australian Ambassador to China, at a meeting decided to demonstrate the results of several months of learning Chinese. Received the following: «Australia and China have mutual orgasms in their relationship». Well at least that orgasms were mutual.

But the American President Jimmy Carter reciprocity failed. Terrible person, desires unbridled. But this is not his fault, the machinations revealed a freelancer who was hired for $ 150.

It was back in 1977, during the arrival on an official visit in Poland. It all started with a strong statement: «I left the US and never going back» instead of «I came this morning.» But further is worse, instead of about desire to cooperate with the Communist even the Polacks, the translator gave: «I passionately want the poles and want them to debauchery». In the atmosphere of the Cold war, these words sounded like a threat to the long-suffering Poland. Whether on purpose, or just an idiot, but the translator has done everything to Carter unkind word remembered.


Man is an incident, you ridiculous creature, the descendant of the dynasty and just sample individual political failure, in spite of external successes. List it «punctures» — a thankless task, unless multiple statements, so you remember why the Americans say: «We are so cool that I can afford two of the Bush».


— And you also have Negros? (Conversation with Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 28 April 2002)

Everything I know about Slovakia is what I learned from your foreign Minister. (From a conversation with Slovak journalists, June 22, 1999).

— We lost too much time trying to talk with Africa fair. However, Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease. (Washington, 14 September 2000).


There is one leader, whose verbal blunders and manner of speech in our country is not accepted to abuse. Strange that other leaders in similar ridicule, and we have to shield, they say that’s what we have the autocrat, simple, close to people. Sometimes exaggerating, but what can you do. Here’s an example:

If you really really want to become an Islamic radical and are ready to go on to circumcise themselves… then I invite you to Moscow. We have a multi-confessional country, we have experts on this issue, and I would recommend to do this operation so that you do not have increased!

You will not learn, you go to die

Americans have very strange ideas about humor. In 2006, noted «best friend» Lavrov — John Kerry. During a speech to students at California College in Pasadena. It seems to be not Jim, but Kerry is Kerry, they say, no jokes anywhere. Here’s what he said: «learn Well, homework. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in Iraq.» Like all of the case said he wanted to entertain the youngsters after his boring speech, and the soldiers were offended.

Bath boys

Decided Vladimir Zhirinovsky to go to bath to inspect them for quality of service, freedom leisure, and at the same time to show themselves, and his protege for the mayoral election in Moscow to support. What’s so confusing in this open like a bath? Perhaps, too, even too respect Zhirinovsky to the guys. Examined from head to toe, only in the ass for the presence of hemorrhoids looked. Everything turned out as a very slippery and ambiguous. The channel, which released the movie aired, I did not even bother to voice-over text, limiting the heading «no comment.» So, wanted to inspect the baths, and the media, in their rags suddenly remembered, as he long ago went to the gay clubs where urged to vote for him and «love each other in peace.» I can not understand that Zhirinovsky is just loves to bathe.

For such jokes…

Most importantly — this is no joke, especially if you’re a politician. Here Berlusconi said about Obama: «he’s young, handsome and well tanned. I think it can be tied to cooperation,» and immediately got under the yellow stream of criticism. And thus, the parasite, refused to apologize. He seemed like a good joke. Even more, he is proud of his joke, told at the motorcycle show in Milan:

All of us have 25% of homosexual tendencies, and I am no exception. My only difference is that after deep study, I realized that my homosexuality is actually a lesbian.This cheerful Italian is a monster can hardly be called gay. Look at the list of ladies, most of which, according to rumors it was not and 18 years of age at the time of communication with the Prime Minister. He can do so.


To discuss Legolases is pointless, it’s a matter for another article. But not to remember the incident in Germany, on the anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany, Yeltsin, apparently, annoyed by this fact, arrived at the celebration drunk, tried to conduct the orchestra, sang Kalinka-Malinka as they could, and completely blocked Khrushchev with his Shoe.

Zhirik sings some shit

In any decent list should be an example of «out of competition». We have a list Arhierejsky, you can even demonstrate the magic maidens from the Institute for Noble maidens (not blagorodnogo of the public in «Vkontakte», and real companies for decent girls time «of Russia that someone lost»).

It’s not a PR stunt, it is a cry of the soul. Unfortunately, we did not manage to find out which of the numerous albums of the leader of LDPR flaunted this song, you know, listen to albums zhirik — the real test is easier for the coal to pass. But when you hear it, you all like to sing «Lily of the valley» and «I love life» is replaced with timid surprise. After all, Vladimir is decent, poetic, in the words neat and very pleasant, I first heard that Vladimir Zhirinovsky about someone so well spoken, and its comparison with the watercolors Sasha Shilova made not only to look at the grumpy policy as a thin person, but to learn who that is Sasha Shilov (a very good artist, by the way).

If the albums «Sings Vladimir Zhirinovsky» and «For those in traffic» mostly covered by Zhirinovsky old Soviet songs, song of Russia, and mixes his legendary appeal to Bush, then one can immediately see that the text comes from the heart, from the heart. And the music is perfectly chosen, only Joe Dassin can get so sad for some unknown Svetlana. It seems to us, a sincere nostalgia Zhirinovsky is much sexier baritone Dassin.

And anyway, it’s all fine, especially the phrase: «we walked along the shore, which was a bit like this.

Tramp leprosy

When trump jumped in the ring, he hasn’t run for President, but now, 3 years later it is very interesting to look at the remarkable chapiteau show, hosted by Vince McMahon and trump. The price dispute was the hair that the owner of the entire wrestling happily lost through the efforts of the perhaps future President of the USA and big black men with strong hands. Normal this Wrestlemania came out.

But we in any case do not criticize Donald, because he was not a politician. Moreover, despite its dubiousness, very funny event happened.

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