Wrong med in France

In ribeauvillé in France, local people, beekeepers are faced with an amazing phenomenon — their bees gave honey blue, green and brown. It even looks unappetizing places, but the amazing thing is that even the honey taste different from the usual us. The President of the local Union of beekeepers (they have the organization, man) dude named Andre Fries (Andre Frieh) together with other farmers conducted their own investigation. It turned out that to blame the plant for the production of biological gas, which the fuel used is waste from the production of the popular candy M&M’s. Waste was stored in open containers and the bees, finding a sweet source, stopped to collect the pollen and began to «pollinate» the candy .

Solved this problem immediately after a complaint of beekeepers — the plant Manager ordered that the containers are immediately removed. But now what to do with this honey — no one knows. The product was unfit for sale. In addition, the taste was… Strange. And who knows whether it is possible at all to use. Personally, I like the purely aesthetic. Reminiscent of the old toy computer, pixel.

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