Write the girl a text: lesson for beginners


Don’t even know, friend, that we have to do more: to write SMS or call? On the one hand, it is easier to call: dialed the number, said you need — and all free. On the other hand, there are in text messages something of the elusive nice, has its own special romance. That’s why SMS is so often written girls. Maybe that texts serve as the modern version of love letters.

I understand that you have things to do. But text messages will help you to move shes in a relationship with a girl if you’re not together, but it is part of your plans. In General, stick in the phone is not only easy, but fun. Besides, it is impossible to build relationships, not exchanging phrases contain at least eight words.

You may wonder, friend, but the girl will appreciate your efforts. Let’s press on to the epistolary genre — you’d be surprised how powerful it might be!

You have never called her? Still want to write this text? Okay, let’s learn how to make it less idiotic. Many dudes think SMS is a great way of communication with a friend. However, you need to be very careful: it will analyze your text, to think you wanted to say, and messages sometimes cause misunderstandings that can play against you.

Avoid it by any means

Never answer her in the next second («is He sitting by the phone waiting?»), however, to answer too late — rude («Well, why would he ever phone?»). Remember: abbreviations for teenagers, «lol» and «lol» — for grandfathers. If you write her some kind of incomprehensible gibberish, she’ll just think you’re a fool.


If you write to her once a week somewhere between the hours of two and four in the morning what she thinks? «Fuck you!» And the opposite: if you write to her, and the girl does not respond, then most likely she thinks: «fuck off». No matter how much you baby, now you’re just annoying the guy she wants to hang out. If you three, send SMS and not getting the answers, perhaps, call her, you will impress your courage and it will give you a chance. Maybe will hesitate even more.

She’s not your baby (so far)

If you’re texting a girl, which do not meet (then you have absolutely nothing to read this column), avoid calling her a pussy, fish and all other animal nicknames. You can try to call her «sweetheart», especially since you probably don’t have the guts to do it in a telephone conversation and (of course) personally.

Sarcasm, metaphors and slang are not the best assistants


We more or less clarified the matter with the SMS etiquette, now is the time to move on to the next trap. wrong interpretation. The fact that the text does not convey your tone of voice, emotions, facial expressions, and there can be absolutely unpleasant situation — especially if you are dealing with someone you don’t know very well.

Here’s an example. One of my friends met in a bar dude. At night they went to her place by taxi (apparently, she paid for the road). After a couple of days it (you should have seen her face!) shows me his cell phone with the SMS from bro: «Hey, when are you going to take me for a ride in a taxi?» She was beside herself with anger! She just did not occur to him that this type hints at their night adventure, and does not mean that he had nothing to pay the fare. If that bro knew about this rule and just asked her to drink, things could be different.

Avoid such metaphors! And don’t use slang. To assess the reaction of the girl on your posts. If the response seems inadequate, so she probably misunderstood your text messages.


Misunderstandings can easily be avoided, but there are worse things: for example, if you send an SMS to the wrong number. One wrong tap and your impending novel will be jeopardized.

Most importantly, friend, remember: SMS more the real thing than a phone call. As they say, that written with a pen, not cut down with an ax. Any rudeness, any negative emotion that you Express in the SMS, will be used against you in the future.

To sum up. Write simply and clearly — and you will avoid trouble. And when the time comes to use the phone as intended. No, dude, not to order a pizza. It’s a start.

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