Wrist watch phone, the Neptune Duo

Stop.com.ua_8.03.2015_hvhYWKZ7Cd3dJMost likely, you’ll forget your head at home, but not a smartphone. Focusing on you and billions like you, the developers, Neptune Pine announces the release of its new gadget, the Neptune Duo. This strange device is a combination of «smart» watches and pocket display that acts as a wireless mouse, keyboard and monitor. The first part of the set, the Neptune Hub is a bracelet with a curved touchscreen 2.4-inch display, which has all the necessary elements inherent in the normal smartphone. It is based on a Quad-core processor. Also the device is equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, battery 1000 mAh, a variety of health sensors and a cellular module, supports 3G and LTE network. The Neptune Hub runs on the latest Android version and has 64GB of internal memory.

The second part of the gadget is a 5 – inch display, which performs the function of the external monitor and displays the information from the wristband Hub. Pocket Screen is equipped with a main camera 8 MP, front 2 MP battery 2800 mAh. This project is of interest, but practical it can be called with great difficulty. However, the mass market, the Neptune Duo will go to the end of this year, and its cost would be 800 bucks.

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