Worthy films of domestic production

The Soviet Union collapsed – rolled into the abyss of commercial bad taste of the entire film industry. Movies «like old times», it became unfashionable to remove. However, the craftsmen manage to remove masterpieces like «Voroshilov arrow», which became cult films of Alexei Balabanov, controversial, caused a stir «Leviathan» and other movies Zvyagintsev. We will not deal with known materials, and think about less-known or forgotten works by Russian Directors.



– Comrade chief! Do you remember that yesterday, comrade General… for the shoulder straps bit?

– Do not agree. That walk could – Yes. Gypsies especially… We must have some civil rest. But to the General… Yes, even for a place like this… Stand down! We have a chain of command and seniority. Follow me!There are films that seem to be removed in order to be carried off on a quote, «DMB» with them. The model then is not the Holy father as a writer Okhlobystin and Roman Kachanov as a Director is still on his epic sets for young kinodela. Zhelezobetonnyx like the blow of an army boot in the teeth, phrases, wild flag, like «This is not it,» colorful characters, as if they were in deep hibernation, intelligent verbal passages that even Ilf and Petrov would embarrass and, of course, the army. After tons of alcohol, substances, and irony, the army is depicted as it is, and all that stuff – just not to scare the recruits. And looking at the adventures of Bomb, Bayonet and Bullet, understand the simple truth that Russian soldiers never gives up. A hell he has nothing to lose. This is our main military secret.

– That soldiers who simsa?!

– Yes, ssus!

Well et, soldier, no problem! So today the environmental situation. Piss everyone: and I ssus, and even the commander in chief pysatsya happen – but the situation… What do we because of this last duty is not to give? Your shameful disease we feat define: send in the Marines. There you also begin to shit…

Mama do not cry


The good old film days when Gosha Kutsenko has not caused their appearance in the frame of sympathy. The film is, as always, about crime and allocational. Ordinary seaman, with a simple sailor’s bravery was cut down crime boss, who teased his bride. Then start looking for the treacherous «sailor», which connects the militia, organized crime groups and other delights of the summer season. Nevertheless, very racy Comedy with colorful characters like a noble bandit of the ignoble nickname Hitler and Schoolgirls who want to learn the basics of addiction. And most importantly, simple and fun. But the ability to «market» in this picture was elevated to the rank of art.

Poisons or the world history of poisoning


This is probably one of the most cynical movies which you will be able to see his cheerful, full of life collapses. A vivid example of how good actors and historical Parallels can make from the movie «candy».

The story of a young actor whose immense size wife is cheating with a famous performer of the roles of drunks and crooks Alexander by bagirovym. Then he goes into a fashionable among musical people of the early 90s bar «Chinese pilot Dao Jia» (product placement, what it is), where he met with Oleg Basilashvili, who proposed a simple and easy way to kill a fat wife who claims to the apartment.

And then – historical insertion of the lives of the great poisoners, including the party, arranged in honor of Alexander VI (again, symbolically, he is played by Basilashvili, saying, 2 master poisoner in the movie). On it there are also all the favorite bastards: Nero, Caligula and others. First, listen to children’s choir, cynically dressed up as angels and then having a little chat. And all relaxed. Everything is so cynical that evil presents with the positive side. I do not know. The whole movie stands on the opposites: the intelligentsia and rednecks, good and evil. The only scene, costume historical scene of the death of Cesare pleasing to the eye and its contents. The film is simultaneously fascinating and frightening. Women are as Horny females, men are as envious – all that you love. Definitely a film worthy of more attention and respect than it is now.

Heads and Tails


– Play more fun, guys! Life is beautiful and amazing.

The poet said, and shot himself.No relation to the famous show, this picture has not. The film is from the Director of «Mimino», «kin-DZA-DZA!», «Autumn marathon» George Danelia has many as a verdict and a sign of quality. For those who the above names are unknown, to put it simply: good tragicomedy about people who have no idea what to do in the new era. Although Danelia, except tragicomedies, to remove anything not able. All the funny – with tears in his eyes.

This film is a story of a nimble young fellow, engineer of the gas industry that is trying to return the bride, while all around trying to figure out how to live. The film is certainly worth a look. Perhaps, the last great work of the master, taken as the old «tube» of the Soviet cinema, but in the spirit of the time. Phrase you can safely take away on citations.

Not send us to… messenger?


Be thought of as the farmer will sell two cows, buy a gun and get shot.The continuation of this phrase: «…with the bottle of wine». So, for the overall development, no relation to the film the end of the sentence is not because the movie is about something else. Tell me, what makes a Russian man on the verge of despair when you don’t know what to do? He’s going to ask how to live, the priest king. That’s a simple farmer, played by the now-deceased Evdokimov, after failing with a loan, after a drunken neighbor set fire to his property after police brutality sits in «Zaporozhets», it takes a village simpleton Jacob and goes to the white house, on the road meeting with these you do not know how to live simple people. Here and single grandfather with the coffin, and soldiers-Caucasian, which did not give a Russian girl, and bandits on the roads, and prostitutes with the oligarchs, homelessness. And the saddest thing is that all this is true to this day.

It is symbolic that all the questions the hero Evdokimov did not answer the real Yeltsin, and Yeltsin to the madhouse. Here’s a clear hint on how to continue to live. You must see this masterpiece. Definitely a masterpiece: kind and sad, where great actors don’t play people do not understand and can’t really understand what was happening.

Down House


No, I don’t like pills. I choke them. I like the fish to breed. So I don’t need drugs. Don’t see life the picturesque. I have help there.The film could be take away the quotes, but education does not allow because of whether it is possible so to scoff at the classics, is still debated. The film was made by the same Creator of «DMB», so if this masterpiece is not put in your eyes, you can imagine what kind of bizarre artistic megaloblastnye hardcore psychedelia-dialogues in the interpretation of the novel «the Idiot». Fyodor began to produce energy in your coffin while they filmed this movie.

But a wonderful creation, but not for everyone. For many this film is fully justified by Fyodor Bondarchuk, who played a major role. And others just like to fall into a trance under the verbal nonsense, to enjoy the views is confused in itself, but is desperately trying to be fashionable Moscow 90’s, and nostalgic now melismas fashionable Naik Borzov, groups «Snowfall and «underwood.»

All they would have over a Russian man to mock. Go on the tractor!

Playing the victim


Amazing film now fashionable Kirill Serebrennikov. The picture is very strange and not understood by everyone, as the main character. Kind of like a black Comedy, but I don’t know to laugh or not. So, need to laugh, otherwise you go crazy, which seeks Russian cinema.

Many know this film, thanks to incredibly truthful monologue about the Russian football. However, the basic idea of the movie not «football, fucking play it!» The film is about that it is not necessary to fill your life with emptiness and heresy.

Stupid fat Bunny


– Uncle Gregory, you’re honored artist, what you drink, as the people. Zakus are not ready yet, but he will.

– And I’m feeling that pull on people’s.Tribute terribly unbearable the lives of ordinary provincial actor stuck his bloated talent in the sewer called TUZ. Bitter, but a good sense of humor, wonderful acting, it is a pity that the film passed almost unnoticed to a mass audience. But it was an opportunity for Alexey Maklakova to retrain from ensign Shmatko in a recognizable artist. Unfortunately, and Shmatko don’t remember. But for ordinary viewers, the main thing that the film turned out. Emotion from him as from funerals, weddings and baths immediately.

Faster than rabbits


Why medalist ate fag?Any film «Quartet» is a masterpiece. All sorts of «days» is full of sharp, ironic, gentle humour, which clearly Allergy in Eugene Vaganych and his friends, and both parts of «what men talk About» – the unwritten wisdom. You could even say that these films are more than can replace manygoodtips.com.

But «Faster than rabbits» the people did not appreciate. Apparently embarrassed by a large number of «seamy side». Not the people ready for such experiments. Apparently, this Quartet members need to leave the two strongest and become the brothers Coen.

The film definitely has become more Mature, the humour remained at the same level, but began to rise more serious topic of our everyday life. The questions the characters pose is eternal and the answers, in fact, give simple and plain. Try to review it again, maybe catch it.

Shirley Myrli


Aunt-Mama, you tell me, as a spirit, as a Russian man Russian man: actually what am I, Izya Shniperson?!The film is about a very difficult time filmed with such blatant mockery and banter, «scary movie» and all «Naked guns» rest in silence. Of absurdity in this masterpiece so much that «Monty Python» nervously chewing his nails, hiding in the shadows, stunned benny hill.

But the Director of the film is the winner of the «Oscar», the man that produced such films as «Moscow does not believe in tears» and «Love and pigeons», Vladimir Menshov. And it’s not self-indulgence, to such dialogues to write, it takes talent. A large number of crown and absurd scenes rolls. And the topic of the national question played so ironic that even the most ardent anti-Semites have doubts. Well, of course, acting. It’s not mass consumption the extras, and people’s artists of Russia and the USSR, for a moment.

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