Worse than the friend zone: what are the worst types of relationships?

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_ntwk8fmeTOHfAOn the Internet many years passionately hate the friend zone and carefully forced to hate her all around. Indeed, friend zone is not a beautiful condition to put it mildly. Nobody likes to be locked in a strange relationship, prihlasenim hope. But there is much, much worse types of relationships about which we constantly forget. And you all the time: «the friend zone-the friend zone!» Today I will tell you about the types of relationships that hundreds and thousands of times worse than hideous the friend zone. Often we confuse with Franzoni different types of relationships. For example, a banal friendship or friendship. Often the girl even suspects that someone on her dry, she lives her life, and the unfortunate I am sure, having read the Internets that he is still in the friend zone, and she is suuuck, but such a sweetheart! With Franzoni confused and familiarity with communication, sometimes the friend zone itself imposes on man, which is worn around the «Queen» with constant cries of the spirit: «you want a pillow to put under his head? You can kiss your shoulder?» And then this person suffers in your cold bedroom, from the insensibility of his «Queen», which, frankly, terribly confused from this strange behavior in my life. So, too, sometimes, and we all of the friend zone-the friend zone, a new word learned! Stuffed it’s mouth.

1. Area permanent relationship

Once we wrote about girls who can’t live without a relationship. They always need to be in a relationship because for them it is right! Most interesting in this situation is that there are quite a few dudes who used to reside in the relationship. My good friend, for example, actually without a relationship can’t. After another divorce, not a month goes by and he gets himself some girl to not be alone. It happens for different reasons. Some believe that to be without a relationship literally indecent. Some have never experienced difficulties in finding any girl or has never been deep and strong affection. But the more common reason — they are afraid of being alone. They don’t know how to live alone. One of my distant acquaintance was constantly looking for a girl. Possessing a natural charm, good looks and ability to play the harmonica at the highest level (dude took prizes at many competitions), he could not be without the girl. He always had a few girls in reserve, whose phones he was constantly removed and again recorded. He weeded out the girls with amazing debariloche: can’t cook delicious soup — what. He once broke up with a classy girlfriend who told him to eat when he came to visit her. But it’s not about that: when our hero was left alone, he just broke the chain and began to meet with such creepy ladies, and no words. Such people find it difficult to realize that nobody can write messages with suggestive hints or to spend the night alone. Feel sorry for them and sorry at the same time. I want somehow to quote a trite quotation from Omar Khayyam, but I won’t.

2. Area «We are waiting for death»

Nobody said that eternal relationship does not happen. Perhaps they still exist. But there are people who are very witty man called «waiting for death». They are together for many, many years. Or go to this. They can’t change each other for years, throw out their sexual desires in watching television or arguing. Well, or just by a banal FAP. They don’t believe in love because I have never met her. Perhaps they think that long stay in the same relationship is love. They have nothing in common, perhaps the only thing in common — children. Yes, and these two have no idea what they do can be shared. «Men and women have different interests. The main thing — not to disturb anyone!» they say. It is nonsense! The only thing that can keep the fading feeling, joint interest gatherings and leisure, if not, comes irritation or humility, and people meekly tolerate each other 24 hours a day.

If the couple has no quarrels and disputes, it does not mean that all is well with them. Perhaps they are just banal and tolerate each other, suffer nausea from the relationship for the sake of something or just. Each pair in the zone «We are waiting for death» I’m sure that they have a normal relationship. Why? Because a lot of people do. That says it all.

3. Area «In contact»

This area appeared with the advent of various social networks «Vkontakte», «Facebook», «Twitter», «Instagram». If you think about it in the days of wap, the Internet with its online Dating sites she came too. And even in the days of paper correspondence as much as many years.

The meaning of this area lies in the fact that two young people just starting relationships. And they don’t even know what this relationship is. This is such a correspondence, which can something to grow, and may instead stall in the same area. People texting lots and lots of time, and it in nothing goes. They can even communicate with each other in real life, go for a walk pen even a couple of times to have sex with each other, but beyond the sex, tangles and correspondence nothing comes. This is a very peculiar form of relationship without commitment, when two young men still continue to communicate, to feel each other flimsy feeling, but do not translate them into anything. They do not want obligations, don’t want to lose the illusion of good relations. But as soon as one decides to score on the other, they will feel the same pain of parting experienced by many people during his life. Do not care what the relationship is flimsy, it still hurts. Stupid people!

4. Zone «Nakosyachili in contact»

This is the same area when two botched relationships, but decided to remain friends. This may be a slight form of the «walk and stop», and maybe after a severe form of relations, when we communicate two, because it’s necessary, but because to lose each other they do not want. They still write, comment on pictures of each other, and when they met macauda on the cheek! «So do adults adequate people!» — some will say. I already wrote why you should remove the former from friends in social networks. The more a person says that he has no claim to your ex, the more most of these claims, but he does not want them to say. Remove from friends is extremely difficult, if nothing bound the two of you, it would be possible to remove with ease, but something stops? Most often it is the desire to remember the good old days, well, to follow this man’s life. In any case, living in the past is not a good idea.

5. Zone «I don’t want to ruin the friendship»

Heh-Hey, so we got to the old evil the friend zone. Yes, she is. If someone at least once falls in love with another person, friendship over. Because this is a new level of relations. One genuinely suffers from the fact that the other does not want a relationship with him, because it sees him as a friend or girlfriend. But the man still selfishly continues to communicate with the first, even when he knows he’s in love with him. Relationships lose their meaning, they are becoming commonplace in the friend zone, as a lover dreams that it drew attention, and the second member of the relationship feels deeply in the soul feel warmed CDA.

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