Worse shkoloty

manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_62bM1w89n9jpfFirst was the programmers. They gave birth to the Internet, sharing files and doing other things they need. Then the Internet came the young, made it more liberal, accessible. The Internet has expanded, more and more people began to use it. Then there came the newts. Started srachi epic, «makebst» and other delights of communication with the younger generation. And when it seemed that the worst can not be, the web is a generation of sages. Rather, it has been here always, since the Foundation. But at some point everything started to fall apart, and the eldest, wise life experience and gray hair generation is beginning to behave like rogues, or worse.

Why did this happen? Science can’t answer. They wanted to feel like its in the territory where fashion sets the youth, he felt an innate passion for moralizing, but gradually, comments began to appear pseudo-scientific reflections on the theme of how to live, who to blame and who is who. And no matter what it is: a new video for «Leningrad», printed post about the art or archival film about the KGB. They, of course, less despise each other, but after reading their jokes, you know, it would be better if they were about moms.

Of course, this is not all. Fortunately, most have the brains not to get involved in such and not to shame. However, there are always exceptions. Specific age limits to set are not taken. Just people who consider themselves very smart, experienced and very adult. In theory, some students think so much about myself…but let no one hope. The so-called «shkolota» — it is a separate audience.

At some points the reader will rightly notice that this behavior is observed even in the youngest. But that’s the problem that seemingly a lot of mind, and behave inappropriately. Therefore, you can write in the comments foaming at the mouth:»the students are the same!!!»


The most violent, insidious and pointless topic. «Sofa experts», moving ass from the couch to the monitor, famously begins to scribble your opinion in the comments. You say that among young people of «armchair experts» no less? You are absolutely right. But here’s the thing: the text «adult, intelligent, educated, saw the life» of a man filled, as a rule, links to recently read a book someone like Boris Yulin (I have nothing against the author writes I wonder) or somebody else. But the fact is that today, every historian or scientist trying to make his trumped-version of some events, which, of course, is the ultimate truth. On the shelves of such books, like dirt. Who is right and who is lying – no one hundred grams will not understand. But the people believed, and therefore not lazy and leads the whole quote and book excerpts, from the indignation phrase: «Instead of clever, you’d better read the book it’s all written there» – often the content matches the topic, but who cares? Most importantly, to celebrate, to Express their opinions and argue with complete strangers.

But the worst are political comments that can be found everywhere. Even under kitten videos suddenly, you may comment: «Damn Communists! Lenin – a German spy who ruined Russia, bitch! Ball offspring every revelation. Now to admire our purebred Russian lion». About cats of course, I’m exaggerating, but the point is, I think, clear. Then there is a more peaceful citizen, gives statistics of how good it was to live under «King’s Father». And it would be good if arena were supporters of communism and have not started on the personal experience to remember the successes of the second five-year plan.

So don’t be surprised when the comments to the video from the program «Live healthy» someone is credited with: «Leading – in the furnace, the rest for fertilizer! See, then the moral health of the country will improve! It’s all DULLES plan works…» – and the list goes on. By the way, about Americans. It is clear that the situation escalated to the limit, but the very «Obama-monkey» Bob is afraid of Uryupinsk, because Bob works as a cashier at «El Dorado», told in detail about all the weaknesses of the American army. He knows he is «Ren-TV» look. All anything, but this is a review for the movie «Shirley myrli». And then all wonder why we are called «cotton wool».

And most importantly, where are all these disaffected, tired, resentful of the government workaholics know exactly who ordered the assassination of Nemtsov?

The manner of communication

Interestingly, many of today’s «defendants» trying to communicate in a crowded one-liners, the level of the same language. Most importantly, do not comment anything under the records Zadornov and the like. Under his records is always a battle of wits, whose comments will be longer, more interesting, funnier and richer in historical facts. Favorite technique — with a straight face and in sentences repeat the same thing written in the post. Or disprove a moot point, even despite the fact that the author interjected a remark and commented on his controversial. So, there is a danger that your record will see and you will write an intellectual, who will comment on all your entries in the «Vkontakte», and God forbid you Express an opinion. He immediately starts to lecture you. If you’re under 30, you’re automatically a schoolboy, and we have to show how adults communicate uncle. This is a very big message is simple, filled with quotes from old movies and jokes that are not funny to anyone. But really, it’s very funny. What is most interesting in life, they don’t talk. But with a very smug expect from you.

By the way, if you decide to argue with the opinion of the guru, wait for the compliments no less than «degenerate young». Yes, anger has no limits.

You’re wrong

Tellingly, half of these commenters did not fully understand the computer and how to put a dot on the English keyboard layout. Therefore, they clamp the pinkie shift and stretch your thumb to the letter «X» to write that the word «accommodation» two letters «K», and to remind you that you missed a comma. I have the feeling that they are like vultures seeking out their prey in the savanna, looking for grammatical errors in sentences. I have the feeling that the text they do not perceive only individual words.

If some important person or organization will lead the list of the best fiction, the best contraception – Yes, anything one will find that critic, who indignantly declare that something is not on this list. Why not make your own? When. But there is a time to discuss in detail what was wrong the author.

And God forbid the text is the hypothesis or claim that is contrary to their own beliefs. Go review: «the Text of anything, the author would do well to stretch the spinal cord and think before you write.» You say that such people are found even among school children? Agree. But the cynical seasoned repair men’s lives more interesting to read. Do not think that the author harbors resentment against any criticism. Just if criticised in the case and do not make grammatical errors corrections, then they could listen.

By the way, great fun when the average engineers are beginning to deny any international project, the car or the statements of Hawking. They will all have a detailed explanation but, with all due respect to the plant «Uralmash», we have little interest in your idea, Hawking believe more.

Go to bloggers

In fact, it would be nice before to admit people to the Internet to check their mental health. If young psychopaths still somehow controlled by the parents, psychopaths older is not controlled by anybody. Seeing millions of views under the video, they are inspired and begin to create their own. Sometimes it turns out interesting, professional and very cool. Even an Amateur video where big-bellied drunken man advises how to smoke fish or both his hands to make a wall, cause positive emotions and really useful. Suddenly you will be inspired when viewing, leaving my position of PR Manager and go to the firemen.

But some, realizing that people like more or less funny content, begin to openly grimace. I remember one programmer from Novosibirsk Akadem-Gorodok, which was churned and sang some completely senile song: «tan-tan, beat the cream». And the downside to this song was like the moaning of the sinners in Hell. He has many similar videos, but they are actually very funny, if not for one thing – age. When the man to whom much is over 60 starts for his «joke», it becomes somehow very ashamed. A shame only for those who use phone monitor on which is playing the video. And what is most offensive about these people very much.

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