Worried that other people think of you?

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2014_AWDUPVN4DP4owStop terrorizing yourself with worries about someone else’s opinion. Stop worrying, to spoil your mood and nervous. Each of us can calm down and not care about the opinions of others about himself. We will help you. What to tell yourself when you start to be interested in people’s opinions?

«I don’t even know them»

You saw them once in my life, and the more you will not meet. Whether you value the opinion of a man that you saw 30 seconds?

«He doesn’t know what kind of man I am»

You live your whole life, you affect different people and events. You have your own way of thinking and motivation that you don’t have to explain to anyone. Why?

«He is also a man»

And he has his own life. It is also sometimes surprising and he got used to it.

«They don’t care about me»

In most cases the way it is. You think that everything you discuss. In fact, all too busy with themselves to give you so much time and attention.

«Relax and enjoy»

If you do something reprehensible, then do it with pleasure, otherwise what’s the point? Since you decided to close your eyes at others and surrender to the process.

«I can’t please everyone»

And it is not necessary. And how to be with people who want you to do opposite things? No, this will not work — you need to please first and foremost myself.

«Life is short»

Therefore, to waste time in aimless and fruitless reasoning makes no sense. You don’t have much time — try to spend it wisely.

«Then I’m going to remember this»

For example, in five years. Or even in six months. You’ll look back on this event and remember it as an event that has already survived. All, it was in the past. I came up with this trick as a child (probably not alone on this planet) and used every time I had trouble like deuce in the diary or a broken Cup, which was a salad.

«I don’t need their approval»

It is strange that we forget about it. It is actually we don’t need. Ask yourself, do you feel the need for your actions to someone approved. I doubt you’ll answer «Yes.»

«I regret that wasted time and effort»

Then it turns out that you did it in vain. You’ve been torturing yourself checked someone else’s reaction, trying to predict future events — all in vain. So isn’t it better now to stop it?

«Enough to blow up»

Why did you climb out of the skin? The more I try to make a good impression on others, the more likely that idea will fail.

«He has his faults»

We tend to idealize others, but it is only an illusion. Somebody noticed your flaw — he has a weakness and knows about it.

«Even if I fail, then what?»

In most cases, nothing serious with you is not going to happen. Remember this.

«The more I think about it, the more messy»

Always. If, down the stairs, you think, as alternating right and left foot, you will surely fall. Same thing here.

«Next time I’ll do better»

If you understand that this time is not different, it does not matter. You will have the opportunity to practice and hone skills. More practice, more skill.

«I don’t know how to read minds»

Another mistake almost every second is a false belief in their own ability to read people’s thoughts. You think the expression on somebody’s face, you can guess what a person thinks and how you evaluate. You’re wrong. You’re not a telepath.

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