World conflicts, which is obliged to watch every armchair analyst

Now our national hobby is divan political science, as well as monitoring of all important political events in the world, even those which do not concern us. And why be shy, an advanced dude need to know what is happening in the world. Now, unfortunately, all eyes on the near abroad, and meanwhile the world is full of conflicts and wars that are far enough away from us to talk about them neutrally. So what happens in the moment where there is a struggle of ideas, money and ideals?

1. The bad guys: ISIS

manygoodtips.com_10.09.2015_1bMmzPBZZuKb5So bad that we do not even have to attach to the article a photo with them, and was limited to the Syrian soldiers that overcame the flag of the Islamic gangsters. And all because the Islamic state, which seized part of the territory of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, is the main threat to the smart, secular humanity. The real «bad guys» that have not appeared in the history of the world since the fall of the totalitarian States in the twentieth century.

About LIH is a long story but the important thing to know – they are quite formidable radicals, which managed to capture huge territories to enter those territories has its own laws, to recover a slave, the Institute and implement the almost daily practice of executions. But it is an unrecognized state, whose capital is located in the Syrian city of raqqa, is doomed. Just because they turned against the whole world, and terminators in the army of the Islamists until we discovered.

The US and Russia started shit together (as always), although both governments are against ISIS. As a result, our country decided to help friendly to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, from the beginning, is at war with radical Islamists, but the States will continue to deal with the destroyers of Palmyra and the ancient architectural monuments of its methods. In any case, areas captured by ISIS are gradually reduced, but we still have remarkable performance by its power. Who knows how it will respond to the world? So we watch it.

2. Houthi rebels and a coalition of muggers from the Persian Gulf

manygoodtips.com_10.09.2015_emWlGQL896NkqBut it is more a local war. As you know, Islam is divided into many branches, but the main is the Shiism and Sunnism. The last branch is more widespread, but the terrorists are on both sides. In General, not so long ago in Yemen, an Arab state in the very South of the Arabian Peninsula, came to power the Shia. Through the revolution, of course, the Arabs on the other in recent times can’t.

To power over a part of Yemen came, the revolutionaries-the Houthis, which is something not shared with the previous regime. The Shiites, now led by Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, he kicked the ass of the previous President, Abd-rabbu Mansour Hadi. And all Muhammad would have been fine if not for the reaction of the other countries of the Persian Gulf. With the filing of Saudi Arabia and its allies (and it is considered, almost all Sunni countries) blew up a major military campaign against pseudo-revolutionaries. The new government of Yemen also has allies, such as Hezbollah (a radical Shiite organization), also the new government is supported by Iran and Eritrea. The coalition against the Houthis gathered in obscenely large for a country, and a reason, in our opinion, not really fact, and justified for a military invasion of a dozen countries.

Do not think that Yemen – some poor bedraggled state, the country itself is quite decent, and its capital Sanaa – just a storehouse of various antiquities. Every day there are new battles, the conflict in Yemen is not just another hot spot, but a real, total war invasion. The Houthis do need divine help to win this grinder. A very unequal battle. Besides, just a few days ago, Kuwait also joined the war for the division of the Yemeni cake. In General, also stocking up on popcorn and watch.

3. Family business in South Sudan

manygoodtips.com_10.09.2015_YfkKkkjQmMaxISince the independence of South Sudan there is an endless war. The whole history of this state is the story of a long and bloody war for independence. And only in 2011 they managed to get it. In General, it is not surprising that the South seceded, because the North lived mainly Muslims, and in the South lived first of all Christians and peoples who profess local cults. If after 10 years we are asked: «What is happening in South Sudan?», – we will reply: «There is a war, dude.»

Salva Kir, a brutal black man in a cowboy hat, became the first President of the sovereign Republic of South Sudan. But why the region is still so unstable? The fact that it is inhabited by very different peoples, each of which would get a Central place in the political life of the country. Religion, too, in the Sudan all are mixed. In its pure form has neither Islam nor Christianity. And from December 16, 2013, when freed of Riec Machar, Vice-President, the outbreak of the rebellion, which ended in the capture of three relatively large cities in South Sudan: Bor, Bentiu, Malakal.

This conflict could end. 700 000 refugees and 10 000 dead residents reconciled leaders of the warring parties. However, the war was not over, and the threat of mass starvation still customize the common people to take up arms and go to the rebels. They are not fighting in order to seize power. Their aim is robbery, looting, murder. Even rebel leader Machar Riec can’t maintain control over them.

I’d be lying if I said Yes. We just hope we can control them, because we teach and accustom them to discipline.

Riec Macharto Follow pulling the blanket of power in southern Sudan is a hobby that will stay with you until retirement.

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