World citizen: in any city feel like home

make yourself at home, travelerRemember, yesterday we wrote, things you learn after moving to another city? Moving makes you grow in many aspects. Thanks to him you’ll get another ability, namely to feel at home, being thousands of miles away. How to tame unfamiliar space and yourself get used to it? How not to be a loner among not yet familiar to you people? How not to pray in an unknown street? There are ways.

1. Make friends with the bartender at your favorite bar

Friends of the bartender always feel cool. These guys don’t need to wait for his precious attention: they poured in the first place, and sometimes even free. When you’re one of the bartender, you’re cool. When you’re cool, you find it easier to make friends. Enjoy your popularity!

2. Be anywhere a regular

Nice, if that «somewhere» is close to your work or close to home. Why do it? First, after a while you will begin to recognize you, greet with you a little more friendly and service would beofgreat zeal. It’s nice. Second, you will ask «How?», bringing a menu, and it will help you feel at home. When you come somewhere where you are warmly greeted, where you are all familiar, but no less love, the feeling is just great. Even if you are a stranger in a strange city, so it will be easier to fit in.

3. Get yourself a two weekly tradition and do not deviate from them

In your head again come cafes and restaurants. For example, you know that the school with the rolls not far from the house at certain hours every day discounts: when you buy a set of rolls, get free another one. Very well, determine for themselves the day of the week, when you eat these rolls. Or another option: Saturday mornings always go to the morning sessions in the nearest cinema. Suitable for those who wakes up on the weekend at half past nine, and that’s his upper limit. Tickets for the session in the morning is still very cheap. What else could come? Laser tag, bowling or Billiards with friends if you have them. If not, she will at least walk in the Park.

4. Make friends with all the neighborhood animals

If you like someone’s dog, her owner will pay attention to you and remember you. So you start to make friends not only with dogs but with their owners: you’ll have an excuse to start a conversation with them, you will regularly see on the street, because you live in the neighborhood, and then, and look, exchange numbers, and go to each other’s homes.

5. Maintain contact with all, who does not want to get lost

Do not be lazy to communicate: this does not require from you any efforts. People will be more likely to visit you, and you’ll be more likely to come back to them with a visit. You will call and you too will call. You write, and you will be responsible. Paradox: people used to have much less funds to communicate, but they managed to call each other and see each other more often than we are right now with all these social networks, Skype, mobile phones and anything else. Not izvodi all communication in some likes and reposts. Invite people to visit, for walks, to the cinema, cafe, bar — and they will agree.

6. Any tourist in the city where you live

Moves to see the monuments, memorials, museums, parks, and other attractions. Try, not make excuses. You’ll feel smarter and more local.

7. From time to time just driving around the city and think

Fits and bike, and the car — in public transport probably won’t be the same. Why do it? You will discover new avenues and streets, discover new bars, clubs, people, including young children and any other places — maybe even those whose appointment will not guess. Such ride, accompanied by reflection, is a great way to get rid of stress and tension. Breathe. Look at the road. Think.

8. Watch out for local elections

Even if you have no residence permit and you will not be able to vote. So, you know, what the city lives, its problems and needs — helps to feel the General mood. Study each candidate, googling. When you go to all the city themes, you begin to better understand not only the geography of the city, but also in its social structure and the economy.

9. Let you have «your» people

«Your» car. «Your» hairdresser». «Your» dentist. I want you to have that person who will always recommend you what to watch and read. Let you have a man whose history and stories are you ready to listen indefinitely. Consider family photos. Tell me about yourself. All this is useful to you.

10. Talk to strangers

When the bus talks to you, full of enthusiasm, a woman of advanced age, get headphones, listen to her, respond, but again insert the earphone is not in a hurry. Listen to her answer again and again. It can be fun! At least get pleasure from the process: no one knows, and you are a stranger — you like has a secret that no one even suspects. Knock to the neighbors to ask them the number of an electrician or plumber, but at the same time load them chocolate, just kindness; at the same time tell that recently moved. Acquaintance with the neighbors — a great Soviet tradition, it is not necessary to forget.

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