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Dude, I guess every morning you reluctantly Wake up and think about how not to die in a rather boring office. If not, you are lucky! But if competently to organize the workplace, it is much easier to generate great ideas and deliver on time. Especially for you edition found a few cool workplaces creatives from around the world. Get inspired by and stops to sit in the office!

1. Stoffel Van den Bergh, graphic designer, Belgium


They say that inside every brutal man living child. Designer from Antwerp confirms this: at first it may seem that you are a teenager. Plus the fact that these bright little things, it seems, can dig endlessly. And, accordingly, to draw inspiration from. Despite the small space, the room looks quite functional.


2. Felippe Cavalcantri, architect, Brazil


It is immediately clear: the owner of workplace – a supporter of minimalism. This is logical: some simply don’t like to be distracted by something during the creative process. Most likely, the bright colors of Philip grabs at the carnival and other Brazilian show, and the work must remain work. Picture as a result of the completed project certainly helps tune in a serious mood.


3.Scott Rogers, musician, Canada


This cool Studio is located in Toronto. One has only to imagine how much all this is worth it – breathtaking! Probably a daily invented a brilliant song and recorded good songs. Otherwise it can not be, from each instrument breathes in to the appropriate mood! The main thing is not to get tangled in the many wires and not to let any «singing cowards».


4. Makoto Sawada, art Director, Japan


Well, when you have collected personal library, however small. There are books that you just have to read up to 30 years. For example, this guy from Tokyo a bunch of records and useful information stored on paper is the best source of inspiration and helpful ideas. For the love of the artist of Apple products to focus will not, everything is clear.


5. Frank Neu, photographer, Germany


Precision, order, and thoroughness are the distinctive qualities of the Germans. And photographer from Neukirchen once again convinces us of this. The practicality and style of this workplace attract and provide energy for the realization of ideas. Most likely, Frank has no problems with deadlines and «creative crisis» – he was lucky to work in such a comfortable place.


6. Blake Patterson, software developer, USA


The stereotype that all programmers are nerds, moss-grown, dispels a young guy from Virginia. Of course, without gykovskogo stuff is not done: and a portrait of Princess Leia in all their glory, and a copy of rare Apple IIc with a portrait of jobs, and a screensaver with a distant 8-bit past (what a game, by the way?). In General, all this add up to a pleasant and atmospheric area for creative coding.

7. Mike Mates, artist, designer, USA


Unlike many from this collection, Mike’s not engaged in freelance, and workplace away from home. But how can you call this designer office plankton? In conditions when you need to work side by side with colleagues, you want to make the space next to the computer as the original and native. Well, if the company allows the employee «pritaranil» any houseplant, place funny figures and hang on the wall motivating picture. Otherwise – dull.


8. Hakrae Cho, creative Director, South Korea


If it so happens that you’re the creative Director of Swatch, and inspiration is not enough, you can afford to lower the blinds on the glass doors of the Cabinet and enjoy a bottle of «Heineken». We sincerely hope that our hero does not abuse it, otherwise not long to sit in a comfortable chair. And you, man, don’t push it! Better get to the office a little red fan or a stand for your smartphone.

9. Paul Bamford, photographer, designer, Australia


I have the feeling that the spacious and bright living room in a minute will be noisy and the company will begin to sing to the guitar about his love of surfing and quokka. Designer named Paul still manages to work in the beautiful gold coast. Special attention deserves a shelf of retro cameras and metronome, which speaks for itself about the passion of music and photography.


10. Dennis Klein, developer, system administrator, Germany


Dennis – another representative of the IT industry, this time from Europe. This workplace again convinces us that 3 square meters, you can create a limitless space for creativity. A couple of high-tech lights, glass of wine and figurines from the anime provide workplace unbelievable comfortable chairs and world time back to reality. To build a similar at home – a piece of cake for a creative guy. Go for it!


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