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manygoodtips.com_25.02.2014_79R4C44vlo3cVNo, we’re not talking about trendy cardio Stairmaster. This Simulator can be found in almost any gym in the very different number. Still the best replacement for this simulator — the usual ladder, which is like in an office building, or in your house (must be?). This staircase we offer you to make use of. Today we will tell you about two great training programs with the help of ladders. I assure you, inhabitants of your house or work colleagues will look at you like you’re an epic idiot, but the health benefits are worth it.

It is worth noting that exercises need to start with a five minute warm up. Train all muscle groups, do squats and jumping with an asterisk or jumping Jacks. After each exercise you need to go back a quick step to start doing the following. It is advisable to do exercises without rest, but if you must 30 seconds.

Training for beginners runners the stairs

1. The footsteps on the stairs or a quick run

During this exercise, you walk through the step at a quick pace, getting to the next floor. Back at a rapid pace.

2. A quick run

You just quickly run up the stairs, skipping steps. Reaches the next floor and back.

3. Running with high lifting hips

Relatively quickly get to the next floor, raise high the thigh. By the way, to go slow, if you’ve had enough running, but to lift the hips higher. The exercise is done with either step over through one step or through two. Legs will be hurting from this new load.

4. Jumping on one foot

Lean on the railing and jump on one foot. If you get to the next floor, you honor and praise.

5. Long jump

Leaning on the handrails (and no support) you’re trying to jump up as many stairs as you can. As you have learned, you need to move up to the next floor.

These exercises it is desirable to do on a circular principle within 15 minutes. Break between sets 1-2 minutes.

Training for experienced runners to the stairs

1. Sprint

The essence of this exercise is that you quickly run upstairs, but also try to not tread on each step and to skip one or two stages. It is possible to reach and on the floor above.

2. Jumping on one foot

All the same as above. You can try to jump over a stair.

3. Running with high lifting hips sideways

The same as in the first paragraph, but the whole point is that you’re coming a bit sideways to the stairs and run at an angle. After you go back to the beginning of its journey and continue to do exercise, turning the other side.

4. Change legs

Stairs for this exercise perfect. Remember how you did in school or uni? You leap a foot on the stairs, changing feet, touching the support, of land feet. Advanced people still manage to move forward in this exercise.

5. Deep lunges

As you already understood, it lunges, but with the use of ladders. Take a step forward through as many steps as you can. Pull, pull the other leg and the body on the other foot. Then do a lunge with the other leg, trying to step over the same number of steps. A great stretch!

This is also performed by the circular method, but it is optional. Maximum training duration is 20 minutes, rest between sets 1-2 minutes between exercises — 30 seconds or 1 minute.

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