Workout woodcutter

It is difficult to stay in shape when next to you there’s nothing that remotely resembled a gym or some section of martial arts or crossfit. You seriously think that? You’re wrong, dude, and today we’ll prove to you. This workout is for serious people that for some reason needs to be far away from civilization. If you will survive the Apocalypse, finds himself a hot female and move her into the forest to continue the human race, these exercises will help you to save the form, worthy of the father of mankind.

Deep breathing

Start your workout with a good deep breath. You should breathe with your nose and diaphragm. You will feel it when you feel movement under your light this powerful muscle. Some people call it breath — «belly breathing» if you do not to be bored and not to split hairs, they are largely right. How to know if you are breathing correctly? When you inhale imagine how the air fills your lungs, exhale through the mouth. With such a breath is moving only the belly, inwards and outwards, back, shoulders and chest remain motionless. Repeat 20 deep breaths.


Long walks in the woods — the main cardio for the Forester. In between the main exercises you need to do a little to recover breath and to filter his lungs. Every day you need to take at least five kilometers across varying terrain at a fast pace. And no the bike is not necessary. Sometimes you can sit and relax, enjoying the scenery around.

Front squats with a log

The forest is big, so finding a beautiful balance beam weighing 40 pounds is not difficult. Squats are a great way to develop lower body, which is useful for longer hikes, or need to fill up a big naughty moose with his feet. Barbell behind the back will help you to improve the back, buttocks, and lower back, but the log that you keep in front of you, will help you develop muscles quadriceps.

Pick up a log from the ground in his arms. Hold the deck in front of him.


Slowly squat, your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Do three sets of 8 times, rest a minute between sets.


Press logs

The Forester must be strong and broad-shouldered Aki Schwartz to the bears respected. Bench press works on the upper part of your body: shoulders, upper chest, body and legs. The most difficult to keep in the hands of the deck, because it much resembles the bar in terms of convenience, however, with the proper skill you can.

Start lifting logs from the upper part of the chest. Grab the log a couple of inches wider than shoulder width. Keep feet shoulder width apart. Look straight ahead.

Lift a log over your head, exhale when lifting. When the deck is in front of your forehead, slightly forward torso hit. When it is at the top, lock your elbows and hold it for some time. Put it down slowly again, exhale and repeat exercise for three sets of eight times. Rest between sets — minutes.

The crawling

Nothing complicated, just crawling on all fours. For one of your Hiking in five miles, you need to make five such polsani. Be strong like a bear. GRR!


Tossing a boulder

A great way to work out back, chest, legs, arms, shoulders and body — almost full body workout. And in the woods to throw boulders especially fun.

Find a good stone weighing under 20 pounds. Bend your knees, pull the boulder to the chest.


Drop the boulder forward while straightening the legs as much as possible. Happy to see, as the boulder flies forward. Repeat three times with the number of repetitions 5-8 times. Rest between repetitions: 1-2 minutes.


Walking lunges with a log

Still do not forget about our main friend, that is a log. Common walking lunges that develops our quads and glutes. Begin the exercise with lifting above the head logs.

Start lunges with the right leg, thigh parallel to the ground, left knee almost touches it. At the lowest point a while longer to feel the load. Go back to the original position. Rest for a minute and then repeat a few more times.

Lifting logs over your head

It is hard enough. No, seriously, man! If not sure, then better not do it. In any case, the exercise included many of the muscles to hold the beam in equilibrium.

Start from the rack with a log on his right shoulder, which will be perpendicular to your shoulder. Grab the log right down the middle, left hand rear, and right front. Watch below deck lay firmly.


Now, lift the log over head, see that it is smooth and straight. It’s harder than you think.


Put the log on the left shoulder. Exhale, you’re a hero and deserve roast beaver.


Chopping wood

Workout woodcutter would not be complete without its main component — splitting firewood. Chopping wood is great exercise, it works the arms, back, obliques, and lower back. It is also a great cardio.

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