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Recently released a lot of gadgets for fitness, and if put on all at once, you can become similar to Iron man. Unfortunately, to move in this outfit is incredibly uncomfortable, but those interested in such things? Manufacturers rivet a lot of unnecessary gadgets and very little truly usable. The latter include such useful thing as a fitness bracelet, or, as people say your more and professional, the fitness tracker. We decided to test one of these trackers and the subject has taken the fitness tracker Polar a360.

So what he’s actually like? My first thought was electronic watch. The design is really sexy: no sharp corners, everything is smooth and sporty, like a race car. Quite convenient adjustable strap so that if it is worn or does not fit the size, it can be replaced, which is very convenient. You can change to black, white, blue, pink and green. The straps are not so hard to change ourselves, but unfortunately, in the kit they go, they need to buy it separately.


During shaking, running and active movements of the arms, Polar fits like a glove or taped. Forced waving hands of a few people and all have confirmed the convenience. The only time he has off, but only for the reason that was badly worn on the hand of the person whom this bracelet was very small. But even despite the fact that he took off, after close contact with the floor down not out, no scratches and chips.

I’d like to say thanks to the creators of this miracle for the clasp, because it is not every hour, it turns out so easy to fasten strap. And here is the strap fastens on the first try, without fuss and irritation. Even those who he was on the small side coped with the task.What is the technical feature of the device? That it measures the pulse from the wrist. The measurement is made using a patented optical sensor Polar. Now on a bulky chest strap sensors can be forgotten. Or rather, how to forget, the tracker goes perfectly with breast H7, but it is necessary except to increase the accuracy of the readings at cold temperatures and high intensity exercise or, more simply, for those who appreciate the absolute perfection and precision. We tried a full range of crossfit — a thing utterly exhausting and intense, and we had no doubt not to trust the testimony Polar A360. If there were any errors, quite small.

In fact, the first bracelet we liked that works without a heart rate monitor. It’s incredibly convenient and allows you not to feel chained in an armour. Believe me, for regular loads you will be enough of the information read from the hand.

Another great feature of this tracker is in its universality. It is perfect for different types of activities to create their workouts. Among the «training» there are already modes for group training, Cycling, work on a cross trainer, and many others. They need to set a target heart rate zone, which we did before the run. When the heart rate fell below or rose above a specified level, the bracelet started to vibrate, which is very convenient, do not have to raise a hand to see, impossible to meet the standard or not.


And if you dig into the settings, the bracelet will be able to track daily activity, and even warn if you had stayed in one place and hardly moving.

In order to test your targets, you need to go to column «My day», where the statistics of the ratio of goals and completed tasks. But what I would like to note: tracker not only shows how much you need to run to the goal. For the lazy appear, as you need to go and even to stand. After all, even the most boring standing takes more energy than the active seat.But if the goal is reached, the unit very strange will vibrate and show you how wonderful you were and how much interest has overcome the goal. Most importantly, don’t be alarmed as we are, a strange swirl of blue dots on the display and vibrations, as it should be.

At first we thought that the inclusion of the tracker need to constantly press a single button on the side. Although this method does not cause any inconvenience, there is an easier way to set the «sleep mode», and then tracker will automatically turn on when you turn the hands. Moreover, in this mode, the tracker will not be disturbed at night or in a rare moment of peace.


The display is very nice and comfortable. If you don’t like the original version, after long-pressing your finger on the display, you are provided with 4 options of its design. Want bold numbers, want — stylized car speedometer. In short, everything your heart desires.

To switch between modes quite convenient, even if the tracker is worn on the hand. Only one side button, which returns to the previous screen, located very well: it will not be pressed accidentally, no matter how you bent the hands, and you don’t have to push that there are forces her to react. I must say, after my watch, which covers two side buttons for calendar, stopwatch, the button gives me only vivid emotions.

Sensor special raises no objections and is quite responsive even with sweaty fingers. Well, still — water resistant to 30 m. Actually, the whole tracker is operated with one finger by swiping, tapping and long sandwiched. Fonts and numbers are not very small and not very large. Without glasses, eyesight minus 2, it is possible to parse all the data. This is despite the fact that the display is not very big, but comfortable.


It is worth saying a few words about the eponymous app on Android and iOS, which you can use to track the achievement of objectives, monitor the quality of sleep with all the little things like the active and deep phase, learn about your health, to build a training regime for a month in advance and trace on the chart, which days were most active.

In fact, even I, ossified snob, which is pretty cool all these small and insignificant indicators began to pay more attention to these little things. Still, it’s nice when your performance is about the same. Unfortunately, for the month of using this gadget indicators has changed many times, like waves in a storm.If at hand was not a smartphone, it is not necessary to despair: all the data after a workout is saved so that the frequency of contractions of their heart muscle, you can learn in a day after exercise.

The bracelet syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. On sites you can find several angry messages about the fact that with this case and then there are problems, but to be honest, for a month of use, nothing similar was observed.

In addition, the tracker is fully compatible with such programs as AppleHealthKit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness.

Many will certainly be interested in what battery this bracelet. Our survived a week without recharging. Despite the fact that we were training 3 times a week for half an hour a day. Many of the competitors on such a performance can only dream about.

The only negative: on the screen you can see only two indicators. In our view, it would be much easier if at the same time show watch, pulse rate, calories burned and exercise time.


Thank shop sports Polar heart rate monitors for the band.

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