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manygoodtips.com_11.06.2015_8B1SYrQizvxf8Anyone who is even slightly fond of bodybuilding, you know the old Lou Ferrigno. Massive Hercules, though not the same impressive film career, as his partner in the shop Schwarzenegger, but a loser it is difficult to call. After all, it was he who played the Hulk in the TV series «the incredible Hulk», played Hercules in the eponymous band and participated in the filming of many movies where you had to hit your muscles. But it was something. The last in my career «Olympia» Lou just brought to mind the audience with his huge hands a volume of 58.5 inches. The man who had made himself achieved cult status and had a successful career, even in spite of the serious ear infection, much uhudshitsya his ears, almost making deaf. Career is also impressive: twice won the contest «Mr. universe» and also ranked second, second only to Schwarzenegger in the competition «Mr. Olympia». All this made it one of the most popular and iconic bodybuilders of 70-90 years. And his biceps are still admired. How to pump up? You’ll find out.

The basic principle of training with Lou was that he never followed a rigid training schemes. In his opinion, another way extreme pumping just yet. What exercises should I do muscle training, it was determined purely by instinct. Muscles are recovering unevenly, so it’s important to figure out which ones are ready and which are not. Feeling, for example, that arms are fully relaxed, I take them. Next workout is planned hands again instinctively.


The rise of the biceps on the block

Start lifting on a biceps on the block. Stand up straight and keep your elbows in. From this position start to bend the elbows. Slowly, feeling the tension of the biceps, lift the bar higher and higher, until it reaches the top point of the amplitude. Here much, to burning pain, further straining the biceps. And drop the weight. Do each exercise for as long as the biceps will not have a persistent burning sensation. Don’t be afraid of pain. Be patient with her.

The rise of the biceps with dumbbells sitting

Lifting the dumbbell, stop her and keep her limit reduction biceps for 1-2 seconds. Then slowly lower the weight. From time to time make to exercise some changes. Sit on the bench and change in each set the angle of inclination. Start with the angle of 30 degrees, almost lying down, and finish right angle. So did Lou, and he would not cheat.

The rise of the biceps on the Scott bench

After years of training, I came to this rule: small muscles you need to swing small weights, and large – large. This means that the biceps work best isolating movement. They require a light weight barbell or dumbbells and therefore extremely effective. Attempts to «push» the biceps enormous weight – it is nonsense, leading to injury!Lou did the opposite. Usually bodybuilders use inclined surface of the bench, and he is vertical. So exercise is more effective. Again, Lou’s method. At the peak reduction biceps get stronger and hold your weight for 1-3 seconds, then slowly lower the barbell.


To train the triceps should be a different scheme. It requires considerable balance. So to begin this part of the «pumping» of hands you need with a fundamental workout. Lou chose 2 sets / 20 reps of the «French press» lying.

And here start you should take the top of the unit. Depending on the tone do the pull down with one hand or two. Do not lean on handle the entire body to «put the squeeze» weight. This is a mistake! The purpose of the activity is to maximize the blood supply of the triceps due to the accurate and repeatable movements. At the bottom point of the trajectory hold not less than 2-3 seconds. Returning to the starting position, keep the handle of the block above the middle of the chest. You need to stabilize the elbow, and it is impossible, if you raise the handle up to the face level!

«French press» lying.

We need a very solid weight. This movement is a real battle with himself. With triceps you need to squeeze all that he is capable of. Remember: you need to lower the barbell behind your head, and not to the nose!

«French press» standing. Keep your back straight and lower the barbell low behind your head. When I raise it in the initial position, pre-at the bottom point of amplitude greatly strained triceps and only then do move on. Lu believes that the triceps are forced to grow no more than 15 sets, well, biceps – not more than 12. Repetitions should not be less than 12.

Many who are familiar with my methods, I can’t believe that «pumping» hands can provide small weights. But it’s true. The secret lies in the isolation exercises. Contrary to the rules, here they are «building», «mass»!Actually, that’s the complex.

– Lifting barbells for biceps – 2 sets of 20 reps.

– Alternately lifting dumbbells for biceps on incline bench – 4 sets of 10 reps.

– The rise of EZ-bar biceps on the Scott bench – 4 sets of 10 reps.

Extend the triceps on the upper block – 4 sets of 10 reps.

French bench press – 4 sets of 10 reps.

– French press with a barbell standing – 4 sets of 10 reps.

– Bending of wrists with the rod sitting on the bench (palms up) – 4 sets of 15 reps.

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