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Speaking about the «gods» of bodybuilding, we first recall such mastodons, like Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Franco Colombo and of course the Almighty Arnold Schwarzenegger. But in any divine Pantheon should be the leader. It would seem that everyone is worthy to occupy this place for their sports achievements and the popularization of «pull iron». But there is one mighty guy who deserves to rule more than others. His name is Joe Weider.

If we put aside sentiments and say quite simply, modern bodybuilding, with its structure, with all the principles, workouts and performances on the podium would not be without this great man. It was he who founded the famous each athlete of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and organized the competition «Mr. Olympia», which gave a start to a great life and a lot of bodybuilders at the time made this a mass sport. However, history remembers him primarily not as a competent promoter and organizer, and as a great coach. Already at the age of seventeen Joe published the first issue of the magazine «Your Physique», which told about the methods of your workouts and proper muscle building. Subsequently, the journal was renamed the world famous «Muscle & Fitness». By the way, he owned created a publishing house he named after himself «Weider Publications», which in addition to the above mentioned «Muscle & Fitness» has released a well-known fitness trash like «Shape», «Flex», «Muscle Power», «Mr America», «men’s Fitness», «Living Fit», «Prime Health and Fitness», «Fit Pregnancy», «Cooks» and «Senior Golfer».

His system of training became cult and are considered timeless classics, and books on bodybuilding, written with his powerful calloused hand long ago acquired bestseller status and are considered to be almost an encyclopedia of sport for strong men. In the end, how can you not trust a man who has coached the brightest bodybuilders of his time, bringing them to the coveted title of «Mr. Olympia», and then roles in films and major advertising contracts. By the way, the above-mentioned muscular legends Zane, Colombo and the Governor of California was also grown strong, caring hand of Mr. Joe Weider.

I hope you too were impressed by the merits of the «Patriarch» of bodybuilding, and one of his systems training will be for you as very useful. We took the program for beginners, because you want to pump yourself in all ways from year to year does not become smaller, and start with something right. So let’s start with the classics.

The training program

The trainings are held three times a week, each workout is working the whole body. Different workouts a little differently, different angles affect the muscles, allowing you to work out everything muscles.

The weight of the shells should be increased gradually, slowly, but use minimum weight that will easily carry all the repetition, it is not necessary. Actually, therefore, there is no clear separation by weight. Work should begin with small weights and then increase. Training spends an average pace, taking breaks for 1-3 minutes.

The total duration of program – 3 months. Each month should take breaks about 4 days. Do not have to change all 3 month the same, and only then, according to the mustachioed legend, you go to a new level.

What is its advantages? And that for many years those who were trained on system Vader, achieved good results. And biceps increased by 3-5 cm, and the chest for 5-10, and add the required weight 4-8 kg. of Course, it is not suitable for everyone, and not everyone will acquire meat, but stamina will greatly improve.

The first day

The bench-press, lying down, medium grip.

Breeding hands with dumbbells while lying.

Pullover with a barbell.

Lifting barbells for biceps standing.

French bench press narrow grip.

Pull rod to the chest, standing in the slope.

Breeding hands with dumbbells standing up.

Breeding hands with dumbbells standing in the slope.

The lifting of the dumbbells with straight arms in front of him, standing up.

Exercises for the muscles of the neck samoopredelenie, placing her hands on the back of the head and exerting their pressure forward so that his head fell on his chest.

Exercises for the muscles of the forearm: the lifting of the weight movement in the wrist joint, grip the top.

Squats with bar on shoulders, with support for the whole foot.

Lifting on socks, standing with barbell on shoulders.

Do leg lifts in the supine position on a horizontal surface.

The second day

Bench press bar lying wide grip.

Alternating-bending of hands with dumbbells in the seated position.

The extension arms with a dumbbell because of the head in the sitting position. To perform alternately, first one arm, then the other, with the same pauses for rest after each hand.

Exercise for neck muscles with samoopredelenie: put hands on head, head back, overcoming the resistance of hands.

Broach narrow grip.

The lifting of the weight on straight arms, while standing.

Exercise for the muscles of the forearm: the lifting of the weight movement in the wrist joint, grip the top.

Pull rod to the chest, standing in the slope, wide grip.

Exercise for the trapezius muscles. Standing with a barbell in the lowered hands, to raise and lower the shoulders.

Squats with barbell on shoulders – five on a small hill.

Polupriznanie with the rod that is in the lowered hands behind the athlete (this is called a squat of Gakkenshmidt).

Lifting on socks in standing position with a dumbbell in hand. As an option – standing on a hill. Hold a dumbbell in the same hand, with a support foot.

Of torso to the side, with a dumbbell in one hand.

Sit-UPS in lying position.

The third day

The bench-press, lying down, medium grip.

French bench press.

Lifting barbells for biceps standing.

Standing in the slope, hands with dumbbells bent at the elbow joints, the elbows pressed to the body: alternate the rise of the triceps.

Bench barbell from the chest in the standing position.

Exercise for the muscles of the forearm.

Lifting barbells for Boobs.

Pull the dumbbell with one hand while standing in the slope, with the focus of the other hand on the bench.

Leg lifts with weights in the supine position.

Of torso with dumbbells behind head from a standing position.

Exercises for the muscles of the neck samoopredelenie: the head is bent forward, the hand pressure on the chin resists.

Lifting barbells for biceps while standing, grip the top.

Squats with a barbell on his chest.

Walking on the toes with a barbell on the shoulders.


Nutrition is 60% of success in any sport. Wager I understand this and stick to three rules of nutrition:

1. It is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of food consumed. It is important that the diet included all the main components.

2. Distribute source of calories:

60% carbohydrates. Preferably to eat organic carbohydrates. They give the body the required energy that sustains our vitality throughout the day. Without them, the muscle glycogen is restored.

20-25% of vegetable and animal proteins (preferably low-fat). Protein is needed for energy and recovery muscle fibers, which are stretched during exercise. And, of course, without the protein mass will not grow.

25-30% fats. They support normal blood viscosity and contribute to the production of hormones and the supply of vitamins and energy.

Plus, you need in between meals, eat a serving of vegetables and fruits and also drink 2-3 litres of water per day.

3. The food should fit your body type. Beginners need to reduce the amount of fat and, conversely, to increase protein intake.

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