Working in McDuck? You still have a chance

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2014_8f6eOgTcax2ssDude, you are now going to evening shift McDuck? Well, nothing, it passed through almost every student and not only student. Turns out it’s a dead end job is the first step to a better life. Hope it sounded plausible enough. No, well, actually, this is a good lesson that you have to come.

We do not say that Applebee’s and other places serving fast food, only work in the Humanities, because it is not true. You saw there is, and it is adults who are already more than 30. So, something’s holding them there. Well, or they just want to learn something in this temple of burgers and juicy cutlets.

Today we want to talk to you about the benefits of staying in dead-end positions. This can actually be.

1. You will learn to respect

So you’re going to relate to different cashiers, waiters, hostess, and other staff. You’re not gonna scream at the waiter when he brings you the wrong drink or the dish, you know it’s Friday night, and he never stands still. The waiter – the same people, just mixed up the tables. Most likely, a friend will tell him now at the next table eating your pizza, but you don’t mind a juicy steak.

You’re not going to customize the bartender and be transferred through the bar to puke his feet. Maybe you just will make itself felt, without screaming and scandal.

2. You won’t care

The ruble has fallen in price twice? Pfft!.. I do not care! You get about 12 800 rubles, and you are not particularly concerned about the situation on the currency market. Even if the ruble suddenly depreciated, you will experience virtually no. You don’t have any savings. Your salary no residue covers your rent and sausages in the freezer.

Going to order off eBay costumes for his girlfriend not for 34 rubles, and 48. Think! Not a big loss.

3. You spend less

If you’re hanging out in the kitchen McDuck, from the excess all of these flavors you want to eat. Moreover, workers provide free lunch. Most people spend a huge amount of money on fast food, and you have probably appeared aversion to this eatery.

Besides, you like mad, are in constant search of the best deals. Do you know where and when you can find a good coupon to buy food or things.

4. You learn to appreciate

Appreciate the precious time which you just don’t have. In the morning you go to the University, and after graduation go to a dead-end job. Such cases. Coming home late in the night. And, of course, immediately lay down to sleep. Morning all again. And so will all of the time.

But you learn to do something useful and interesting in a rare weekend if not slide into a pit of shit, where are all the lazy guys.

5. You know

When we stop to think about fatigue, you know how life works. So, mortal life with her unjust and cruel lessons. You’re a clerk with a depressing prospect for the coming years. But not as bad as you might think. After realizing this can grow you a real man. With goals, plans and principles. One of which is necessary to take in hand the box before reporting the vacant office.

6. You to be rich

Not financially of course. But there is a possibility that you will be able to obtain the necessary skills that will be useful in life. Why not. Very useful to know how to clean the 3 inches of grease from the stove or how to eliminate the smell of burgers, which reeks of your hair and not only on the head and face.

You can learn about how to behave in a large and disjointed group with your name nobody would remember if not for the badge, with a pin attached to the nipple. You know how you can keep calm when you stared belligerent guy who tends to get the cheese balls, which are simply not on the menu. And anyway, you’re a guard and not the cashier.

7. You’ll be proud of

It’s your first job, and you seriously will be glad to see his picture on the honor Board. You smile to look at corn that has not appeared after hard jerking off behind the curtain in the bathroom, and after all the hard work that you put in so much effort.

8. You will understand everything

In dead-end job you will quickly realize that all people are members of one of the game. You are all the same. It doesn’t matter what you wanted in childhood, in which College study and what specialty you met at the interview McDuck, and now there’s no turning back.

Many have gone through it, even if most of them are silent about it. You realize that everything in this life depends on you alone.

9. You become sociable

Or rather, just don’t have a choice. You will be forced every day to welcome strangers. Not the fact that to learn how to build speech, but you’ll lose the shyness when meeting new people.

Learn to understand people, because you will have a team where everyone will think about how to unseat the other.

10. You will reconsider their attitude

Now will be a different attitude to tipping that you have to leave. There are two options. If you leave a bad tip, you leave them a little because it makes you happy. Or, conversely, you feel sorry for the poor waiters because you know how they vpahivat for a cheap salary, so going to leave a generous tip.

In any case, unfortunately, not every of us can get on good position in a large company. Sometimes you need money to pay the tuition at the University, and there is no time to get a day job. You have to choose a hopeless position and to try yourself in the role of the employee McDuck and similar institutions. There is nothing wrong, but not sitting idle and are not afraid to get my lazy ass.

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