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Good day, titans of thought! I am your constant reader, very love you, but here’s my question.

I’m 24, kind of not ugly and not stupid, but I’m in the shit, dude! I don’t trust psychologists, and parents can’t share, because it seems to me that I was their son, and how I hadn’t been, they always will support me and so I appeal to you as to the arbitrators!

So I have a legal education, but it so happened that I worked in entertainment, in cinema, worked like a slave, like Sisyphus, my schedule was every day for 12 hours. I knew that degrade, the very notion of «development» was not used there, and I fell into a depression! Such indifference to everything, apathy… But a month ago, I was called to a law firm for a permanent job, my joy knew no bounds! Finally, I’m going to work on a specialty, as early as a month in the office, but again, the decadent mood! My problem is that I can’t find a common language with colleagues. They very well accepted me, and still are, but I can’t support to talk to them, chat, etc. And it surprises me that at his previous job everyone admired my eloquence, a lot of clients business cards they gave me, said I was the master of oratory! Now I’m depressed as a 15-year old whiny girl! «Wake me up, dudes.


This problem is familiar to all who were a long time in a depressed state. You first oppresses one irritant. Then you are fleeing from him, and… you begin to strain your salvation! In the end you can be disappointed and consider themselves an indefinite person, unable to understand what he needs. In fact, you know, just have been too long suppressed.

The first aspect, the surface: you’ve worked in a different field. There was a completely different form of communication to which you have adapted. Obviously, in a law office employees communicate with each other and with customers differently than in the cinema. You have not yet entered into a rut. It takes time.

Aspect the second, more profound. Have you asked yourself what do you need? What you want to do? When you feel happy? If by education you’re a lawyer, it does not mean that you have to work it until retirement. You get pleasure from the process of labor? Do you like to do your job? If so, then you’re on the right track and will soon integrate into this world. If no… why put yourself out? Work where you have fun.

The third aspect, Poznan on personal experience. Once something similar happened with those who wrote the text. He escaped from work, which was the dream, from pointless fear and panic. Then regretted. Then spared. Then again spared. You’re just going to fight until you find peace. Perhaps your depression is rooted not in the labor question, and in life, in relationships, or… who knows? Ask yourself this. It is likely that you’re doing everything right, and depression explain the working moments, because it’s the easiest way for you. You don’t want to admit the more unpleasant problems, so blaming it on work. So, too, can be.

In all cases you will save the introspection. Good luck!

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