Workers in Mexico have found huge deposits of video games


There is a kind of urban legend that the game publishers Atari from the Steven Spielberg film «E. T.» in 1982, was so bad that all copies of the cartridges were buried somewhere in Mexico. For a long time this story was only an anecdote, which was based on the bitter truth that «E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial» was included in the gaming annals as one of the worst games in the world, jeopardizes the industry of gaming entertainment. But it was true.

A team of workers, digging a pit for the Foundation on the territory of the former landfill in Alamogordo, I found a strange box with stickers. They were cartridges for the ancient Atari console. In place immediately came a team of fans of old games who hired these workers to dig up the burial ground of game. Legend confirmed: cartridges were the cartridges with the game «Alien» that brought a flurry of angry responses from critics of his time.

Found media games hundreds of thousands, but the exact number is still unknown. Most cartridges is badly damaged and parts of them are mixed in a huge plastic mass. Why not put all these cartridges for recycling? Why bury them in a deserted desert? Such a strange decision of the management of Atari is still tormented by the fans of the old games.

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