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manygoodtips.com_21.10.2014_3wDYQ0thPGrAiSince when did you become a stay at work from early morning until late at night? And at lunch you’re not, and at the bar friends have already thumps without you. You suddenly decided to become a workaholic? How true! And not even consulted with us?! Well, nothing, we’ll put you straight.

Why you stopped spending time with friends? You just scored on them, and his girlfriend, all the time thinking only about work. But why? What makes you think that you should only be interested in the career? The pace will soon be left all alone – no one wants a maniacal zombies. You always come up with new excuses, not only for friends but also for myself.

1. I should sleep less

You deliberately deprive yourself of sleep, which, incidentally, is vital. But for you it is not important, because you came up with for an excuse: I have to sleep less to have more time to do the work.

By the way, you are not alone. It’s amazing how many people believe in it. People who intentionally reduce time of their sleep, personally reduce the level of their performance. You might get more time, but then you will be less productive.

So there is no point to sleep for 5 hours a day that you just will not save his life. And will not improve health. Be sure, even the energy industry will soon cease to help. By the way, from such beverages there is a strong dependence, which, of course, it is difficult to get rid of. It’s like alcohol or a drug. Your body simply can not exist without the vital drugs.

2. I need to work harder

Will not work: you can’t push ourselves more than belongs to you. And even if you think that because of the greater number of work you will reach many prospects, it is unlikely. You just turn into a restless workaholic, which no one wants to deal with.

If you increase your working hours, work actually becomes less effective. Millions of people are too busy to enjoy a more full and happy life.

In the same way as in the case of sleep deprivation, you become less productive. And who needs a worker? Mexican billionaire Carlos slim says people should work 11 hours a day for 3 days a week, until their 75 years old. This radical method, but Carlos insists that this is the path to a life of pleasure and maximum performance. So think about it, maybe you will approach this method?

3. When to take a break

«You know, sir, I’m too busy for a break. I have a mountain of work that I plan to analyze each day of your life. So go on without me, I fed your knowledge, and you’re just distracting me. Go, boy.»

You probably think that if you refuse to break for lunch and zasyadesh in the goddamn computer, then immediately comes a new wave of energy and inspiration. But you should have no secret that your brain needs a break so you stay focused. Help of the brain, and he will help you.

Regularly during the working day, you do little breaks. It is enough for 5-10 minutes. At least once an hour get up from your Desk. Can not believe it, but we are all editors several times a day doing a little workout that you can perform in the office. Nothing prevents you to start a tradition in your office.

4. I just don’t have time

What a movie, what the hell is a gym?.. Serious dudes not up to it! They just don’t have time for all this change, they are too busy with work. So it is better not to touch them, and lock up the office for the night, they still won’t notice.

We have for you a great example. Charles Dickens was a great author and can properly allocate your time. He was doing his usual work (he wrote masterpieces) exactly to 2 hours a day and then went Hiking. Dickens sometimes took place more than 30 kilometres. However, he wrote 20 novels and many short stories, all by hand.

5. I make money

The more I work now, the more I’ll get later. If you work, you can get a promotion and a higher salary, isn’t it? But the extra work can lead to some complications. You are certainly going to neglect your health, family and loved ones. And it’s not because you’re a heartless bastard. You just once.

Would be much better if you still find the time to analyze your financial situation. Suspension of all your expenses and income. Maybe it’s time to give up anything? Or more actively to accumulate savings?

6. I look like a business

Oh, Yes… so Much to do, so much to do! Absolutely no time for some useless entertainment. I work like a bee. Yes, the bees produce pollen and help to pollinate the entire planet. You can’t sleep at night and work without a break, but it won’t make you successful: just going to create the appearance of effective work.

You care about your image than about performance. However, the amount of time spent at work is not an indicator of quality. So, if you’re such a thoughtful man, reconsider their point of view on this matter.

7. I have no choice

You have to multitask just because you have no choice. You should be able to do three things at once. There is nothing wrong with talking on the phone with a Cup of coffee. Another thing when such behavior may kill you or some bystander.

The problem is that when you start to solve more complex tasks which require your concentration, and really depends on someone’s life, at this moment need to give up multitasking. It just won’t work, because you will not be able to fully concentrate on multiple tasks at the same time.

8. Can’t refuse

Oh, you trouble-free slut. Thought it was just us getting off? You can’t say «no»? But who are you lying! You’re not the last! Have the decency to not stoop to that level. This is one of the reasons that you are overworked.

Can’t say «Yes» always and everywhere. Sooner or later you will start to use, and you will remain clerk until the end of his days. And you shall be called «failsafe nick», even if your name is Cyril.

Unfortunately, you can’t put your youth to the Bank and withdraw it when you want. Friends also do not ride as a contribution. They need to use now. Not friends, and sometimes money. When you’re old, but rich and with a lot of Chicks in your house, and your penis will no longer stand, then you’ll remember our words. Live now, don’t save life for later!

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