Work with the head

manygoodtips.com_22.05.2014_tdUgzlCEoHe2cA common situation – a lot of work, and you would not sewed up, as would often not work late into the night, still doesn’t make it in time. We will not take into account cases of clinical idiocy of the chief, who believes that three is performed by one worker, and other fringe cases. A very large percentage of people complain about the «neuspevaju», but only some of them are in real trouble. Most, without knowing it, are creating their own problems.

Thus, the issue here is not so much the real amount of work and number of hours in the day, how much your ability to organize, to work not more, but smarter.

1. Define the purpose

We do not tire of repeating again and again: if you don’t know where you go, your bad deeds. Set yourself daily and weekly goals and strive to achieve them. This is the best motivation possible in this situation. As soon as you define the objectives (read: priorities) once it becomes clear that every day you are doing really important and what could be safely abandoned.

2. Plan your work

Use the calendar to write down there everything and there mark the level of importance and urgency. If in the process of there are problems that require urgent solutions, you can always make adjustments to your schedule, moving the least urgent cases from the calendar for tomorrow, for example.

3. Turn off all

Shut Vkontakte, turn off the phone — in short, do everything in order to minimize the influence of small stimuli on your work. You think reply on SMS is just a few seconds. But that couple of seconds you had «off» from my work, and you have lost the desired level of concentration and knocked down the rhythm of work. To restore just the need of more than a couple of seconds, and definitely more time. Think about it!

4. Learn your body

Some of us are «night owls» and some «early birds». Empirically it is not so difficult to figure out what hours you are most productive in terms of creativity, in terms of intellectual work, and what time you should just lie down and sleep, because the benefit to you is still no.

5. Sleep

Restful sleep more than anything else, affects the level of your productivity at work. Lack of sleep affects literally in all: concentration, reaction speed and much more. That is why sleepy driver on the road is dangerous not less drunk. If you want to work well, be sure to sleep!

6. Do exercises

Even a couple of simple physical exercises during the work day increase the health you to escape from intellectual work, gets the blood moving through the body, give your brain a breath of fresh air. In a word, cheer.

7. Drink a lot of water

It is no secret that the human body consists of 70% water. Do not be lazy — refresh your brain cells, and they begin to work faster.

8. Don’t skip meals

During the hard intellectual work is very important to maintain the right nutrient levels in the blood. Low sugar, for example, has about the same effect on your body, lack of sleep. In short, a hungry worker is a disabled worker.

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