Work or Home

In the distant Soviet past to combine work and house work, people easier: came to work, worked, came home rested. But now what? I bet many dudes at home pulls, so they finally stopped working and paid attention to their loved ones — or at least stopped endlessly checking the phone. Come join us to learn how to balance work and home so as not to punish either the right or the dear to you people.

1. Goal and interest

To find a balance between family and work is hard, but the truth is that the balance itself is not. Do you think a lot of balance was huge when he went on tour? A lot of balance in the lives of Olympic athletes who fly to the other end of the globe to compete with other athletes? I’m not sure. But they have goals and interests that help them to enjoy their lives. If you want to combine work and home in equal proportions, you’ll always feel miserable, and your loved ones. Quite differently, if you follow their goals and interests. They help you to stay at work until late at night and excitedly work on the project. They maintain you heat when you and your friend are having a party on the night of her birthday, because she was born at twenty minutes to three, not waiting for the morning. The main thing is to have fun from home and from work and to be passionate about both.

2. The estimate of the long periods of time

Instead of thinking about every single day, think about your life in General. How much time did you spend with loved ones last year? In what months you worked really hard? In which months were you hand on heart not really busy? If you look at life from this point of view, perhaps the balance of it is still there. If not, then you need to change something. Impossible for every day to divide my life into two equal parts and give one job and the other friends; and another thing – months and weeks. You have to be periods of heavy work, recuperation and relaxation with family and friends.

3. Seasonal work

Most companies work seasonally: at certain months they are inundated with a lot of work and a lull. It is necessary to know not only in order to take a vacation, but also to distribute working time more intelligently. In the quiet months, it would be logical to spend more time with family.

4. Family seasonality

Logically, you can’t base your whole life on a production schedule. There are times when you need your family most of all: the birth of a child, the illness of one member of the family and similar occasions. Then you have to spend family time and to focus as much attention as you need not to get fired. Sometimes such periods can be planned (when a child is born), and some events happen by chance – for example, the disease. This should be ready. When you need, you have to be there. If at such times you worry about work, think about what will make up for lost time, when family difficulties.

5. Loan work

When the company needs you, work hard, not Atlasova. So you prove that you can rely on, and you in time will also go forward. Don’t be afraid to take on difficult projects and to work with unpleasant and difficult customers. So you create a kind of loan work. Then, when you need missing for family reasons, you let go much easier, remembering how much you had assumed when you had the chance.

6. At work really busy

Fully engage in work. Don’t complain: a positive attitude is always useful. And don’t feel guilty for not going home. Guilt provokes discouragement and low performance. In this condition you will not be happiness either at home or at work. Once I went to a hot time, whether the first person who comes to work. Then you can take off. If you’re interested in the work, you make it more efficient and faster.

7. Home forget about all

The house is a house. That he is valuable Don’t waste precious family time thinking about the next project and do not hurry rather sit at the computer to check or correct. It’s not even how much time we spend with family, and how deeply we are immersed in communion with loved ones. So if you’re at home, be kind, don’t check every minute mail and telephone. It is necessary to waste time on people you fancy. Work on the job.

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