Work like hell: 13 of the methods to work well and not to move


The people who go on the heels of different motivational books, believes that the key to success is simple — «productive» work. What to invest in this concept, it seems, will have to decide for himself. However, our own experience shows that the performance is not as important as endurance. This quality plays a major role in long distance events. If you do not have it, then wait for the imminent nervous breakdown, which breaks all career prospects in one second.

That did not happen and you feel good in the conditions of intensive work, we have prepared for you a list of specific recommendations, without water and rassusolivanie.

1 Reinstall your CPU, the perception There is nothing neither bad nor good in this world. There’s only our attitude towards anything.

– William Shakespeare –Try to answer the question: «How are I doing at work?». We understand that going not so, because the work is a set of problems that you must solve. But there are always people who will say: «Hell, I can barely keep my head above water! I can’t cope, my life just spiraled out of control!». And there are people who will say: «Now it is difficult, a lot of projects depend on my work. But I try to prioritize every day to pass the time with dignity».

So, think of difficult times as a challenge and not as a punishment. This is the moment when you can become stronger, smarter. Any crisis is an opportunity to rise above.

2 Be attentive to yourself

Many people make one big mistake when faced with «hard times» — they shut off the sensitivity to ourselves. Trying to ignore the pain and move forward. But it’s also pointless, like driving a car while intoxicated. To dull the senses — not always a good thing. If you don’t pay attention to the signs that gives you a body, mind and soul, then you’re in trouble, because your inner state is your ally.

To listen to yourself, you need to understand what motivates you at work and what is not; figure out what activities give you energy and which take it; to recognize that some people are energy vampires should be avoided, and others charging you a positive mood. Taking into account these simple recommendations, you can rebuild your workflow. Will be much better, you’ll see. 3 Learn to take decisive action , a large proportion work problems on your head falls out for the reason that you’re too cautious and afraid to make necessary decisions because they may lead to fatal consequences. But such decisions, sooner or later, have to take. And you have to learn to get rid of fear. Form the habit of taking quick and decisive action.

4 Improve the qualification


Learn, learn and learn again, even when you don’t need it. You should recognize that even «distinguished experts» are not perfect and are constantly learning and you need to enhance your skills. This will help you seminars, professional literature, hone their skills after hours and even easy tips colleagues. Most importantly, you have to understand that all you are doing for yourself, not for the boss or company. You will be easier to work with.

5 Take care of your body At work, even on sedentary and in front of the monitor, nothing happens without the participation of your body. Since you only have one body, take care of it on a continuous basis. Join a gym, stop eating junk food, drinking soda water. You have to move more, eat better and sleep well. It is not necessary to postpone the health for later, «when the dust settles «on the job». This will never happen. Start right now and do the work on the health part of their routine. And another thing: prolonged sedentary posture harmful for the spine, eyes and muscles to be active during the entire working day methods are.

6 First personal life, then work

What is the point to earn money if your personal life is falling apart? What is the point to stay at work late and get a prize when they return home, a friend’s not talking to you, and on the table waiting for a cold dinner? Have the courage to devote time to his personal life (otherwise, you will never do). Also try to find ways to renew your relationship when you return home. Don’t need to fall immediately to sleep or spend time watching TV series. This life relationship is in no way strengthens. So, try to use free time for personal life, relationships, friendly get-togethers and socializing with friends. 7 Learn to understand your own rhythm , everyone has their own internal clock. Some are easier to work at night, others only in the interval between 9 and 12 o’clock in the morning. You must learn to recognize when your energy feels the tide and when low tide. Show keen powers of observation and record all these moments. And it is not necessary to use the same scheme constantly. Time, it is better to go for an experiment to find the best combination of breaks, sleep and intensive work.

8 Respect your time


And force others to respect, because as often our kindness was used by other people. You understand that if you don’t value your time, then it makes someone else. And it turns out that it is earned you and everyone else quietly do what I want. Sometimes you don’t even understand how this is happening, but we will explain. If you are taking part in the working meetings, where you have no direct role, you kill your time. If you perform assignments that are not relevant to your work, you kill your time. If you help out of kindness in the little things his colleague, you kill your time. Stop doing that. Become more disciplined in their work. Your boss should understand that you are valuable not because available every minute in the day, and what you are good at doing work exactly where needed.

9 Failure is experience and nothing more if Stephen king is sensitive about every rejection letter from the publications, he would a thousand times would not be a great horror writer, but he was patient and took each failure as a reason to rush to the publishing of Leviathan again. Therefore, you need to radically rethink their views on mistakes and failures. May they become a school of life, a kind of educational experience that will help you in the future.

10 conclusions workers from harm

When you’re working, then, one way or another, spending time with the many other people who have their own experience, views on life, political affiliation and intelligence. Conflicts are inevitable, even when we are talking about a purely business relationship. You can hurt someone a meaningless phrase, as you can deduce from the track worst behavior. Not each of us is woven nerves of steel. Sometimes, we lash out and say a bunch of nonsense, which subsequently have to regret. To avoid this, you have to learn to control your reaction to the behavior of the employee. Before to answer, try to understand usbecause you. Perhaps he had problems with a friend, or transferred with a promotion, or he’s just not in the spirit. Learn to minimize all possible conflicts in the workspace and then they (conflicts) will not turn into open hostility. 11 don’t be afraid of personal relationships with colleagues within reason, of course. Fleeting conversations on personal topics during lunch break enhance productive communication between colleagues. Can talk about family, his last place of work, politics in the country or about the last match of the hockey team — it all helps to feel a commonality of interests. Such conversations are especially important in difficult times when everyone’s on edge and everyone tries to break at any moment.

12 Avoid «difficult» people In your team can be a person with full confidence can be called «heavy» and negative thinking and dark. He knocks you working rhythm, makes it irritable and sucks all the operating forces. Such people should be kept away from yourself, less to talk to them and interact.

13 Learn to let off steam, Work in modern offices can be very stressful, mentally unstable — she can devour your brain and try to provoke a nervous breakdown. So, you should learn how to translate attention to calm down. You can use music, drawing (why not?) or diary keeping. You can also exercise during your lunch break or talk to a friend about random topics.

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