Work is a pleasure

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2015_hnEC9qvlmdVp8Smartphones, tablets, social media and the endless barrage of emails constantly make you stay up late. It should not be. You spend a lot of time not noticing, but restraining himself. Enough is enough! It’s time to take control of the hours spent at work.

1. A few extra screens

Perhaps at first it will look absurd, but who cares how you’re trying to make their life easier? Instead of having to constantly switch tabs Windows and applications on one small monitor, fork another couple and keep all the necessary tools are literally on their own doorstep, saving time and nerves.

2. Surround yourself with things that make you happy

Spoiler: happy people work more productively. To keep your mood at the level much above zero, put it on the Desk photos of friends, family members or domestic animal. Get out from under the bed a collection of dinosaurs, which you shyly hiding from his girlfriend, and a table lamp in the form of the Eye of Sauron. In moments the oppressive laziness is not up to the embarrassment.

3. More sun!

It is proved that the direct rays of the sun make your work more productive. Ultraviolet keeps you a charge of vivacity, spirit and enthusiasm. Well, if for some reason you can’t move your Desk to the window, because you don’t have a window, turn on background sounds of nature and try to trick your brain. So-so the alternative, of course, but still better than nothing.

4. Turn on offline mode

Pull out a network cord, turn off your phone, access the Internet, if it is not needed immediately to work. No excuses: even in the toilet and then five minutes without tablet! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

5. Raking the mess on the table

Of course, some creative geniuses live behind a wall of papers, empty bottles, boxes of pizza, notebooks and models, but you obviously don’t like this, sorry dude. Of course, you’re on your way to gaining such status, but has not yet become one of them, raking these Avdeeva stables, where Ozzy Osbourne himself a leg break. Proven organized work space very successfully motivates people to feats of labor, but restlessness and the continuous search for only undermine the shaky performance.

6. No noise

Working in the office, filled with people, just make sure you have on hand high-quality noise-canceling headphones. Some try to focus on your favorite music, choosing a background, something quiet and melodic, usually without vocal accompaniment.

7. Get off your ass

Take a break, roll those bones, make a run for the stairs. Blood from ass beginning to circulate around your body, and maybe you look at the routine boring problem new look.

8. Observe the two-minute rule

As soon as you have the desire to postpone a minor, minor thing for later, remember about this rule and start to implement it immediately. Needless to say, two minutes – benchmark, but the maximum allowed to spend on such things up to five minutes.

9. View a cute video

Seriously, short videos on YouTube with funny kittens and puppies are able to improve your performance during a busy day. Do not be shy and open up the search bar, because we don’t judge you for smiling emotion while watching.

10. Bringing the heat

Another study shows that the average office workers work more diligently when the ambient temperature is approximately equal to 25 degrees Celsius. You check yourself in srednestatisticheskiy.

11. Create microprocedure

Break your day into more manageable chunks of time. For example, if you divide each hour into sections at 15 and 45 minutes, you can use the first 15 minutes of every hour checking email and answering emails, while the rest of the time to devote to the implementation of the main and basic tasks.

12. Do not rush to leave early on Friday

Look me over. passed the front of the work and see what needs a final touch. Do not be lazy to finish unfinished business, if its completion does not require from you more than 15 minutes. On Monday you’ll say thank you for such foresight.

13. There is such a thing as the smell of success

Aromas of lemon, lavender, Jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon, mint elevate mood and improve performance. Keep it on your Desk for a few bottles of essential oils and from time to time give his nostrils the so-called smell of success.

14. Start your day with the worst tasks

Quick to execute, to perform which you did not want, you will cease to bother about it for the rest of the day, thus improving your mood and performance.

15. Lists with deadlines

Scheduling tasks with well-defined time intervals – a much more effective approach to personal time management.

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