Work decides everything for us?


When I got to work, I began to spend more money. Didn’t you notice it? It always happens when there is extra penny, it is always application.

For example, I often buy my coffee at work. It isn’t nearly as good as I do at home, but I want coffee, and I drink it quite often. Moreover, it is not considered something special: all the people around are doing the same. They buy something without which can not do, because you can’t afford it. This is not surprising: average consumption at the present level.

There was a time when I wasn’t working, and traveling, and surprisingly, during this time, I was spending a lot less money than now. Ten thousand I missed a month and a half, and I had the opportunity to meet new people, see other places and have a lot of free time. Turns out that working less profitable in all senses — and not just financially. Why?

Culture unnecessary

Now it seems commonplace: contemporary culture teaches us to excessive consumption — to consumption of something that isn’t necessary. Large companies have taught us to get pleasure from the fact that we spend money, and something that we don’t really need and spend as much as I can.

Take the same marketing technologies. By the way, marketing is a sort of infernal machine, which turns us, as he wants. So, once marketers have found that in 20-40% of cases, parents buy toys just because they ask. If the children begged less toys would need too much less, and the demand for them would not be so great. So marketers have decided to target directly to children, bypassing parents to the kids whined and the parents bought. Here’s an example of how we are spending that we don’t need.

We buy not because the product is good and necessary. We understand that because you want to feel better, not to lose face in front of neighbours, to compensate for their children what we never had in childhood, to tell the world about your social status — and a host of other psychological reasons that have little to do with our true needs. So we have accumulated various junk.

Why do we work 40 hours a week?

For us this is indisputable and known as the Lord’s prayer: work 8 hours, 5 days a week — this is the normal order of life. In this hectic lifestyle people are forced to deal with them only in the evenings and on weekends. It makes us as if in the natural order to spend more on entertainment and different kind of benefits, because free time is so little and it is so valuable.

As soon as you start to work, just notice how your life disappear various other activities: walks, exercise, reading and other things that you liked. What they have in common? All of them are pleasant and valuable, all of them cost nothing or are relatively cheap, but they take time.

The result is you have much more money and much less time. When I travel, I don’t have to choose between reading books on the beach and a stroll through the woods, and now need one thing will take one day off (or part of it, and the other must spend on the case), and another thing or two. Here and fairy tales end, tomorrow back to work.

What I want less of everything when I get home from work is exercise. I hate when I just had dinner, and before bed and immediately after waking up — that is, to exercise on weekdays, I basically do not want.

It would seem that what is easier — to work less, and then you’ll have more free time. I have realized that we can live in full enjoyment, with much less money. But what? This work is practically nonexistent, at least with regard to my education. Or I work 40 hours a week, or not at all.

Before, people had much harder: they had 14 and 12 hours a day. Then technology improved and continue to improve until now — why not shorten the working day?

Because the 8-hour working day is beneficial for large companies, but not because any work done in eight hours. If people have little free time, they are more in need of comfort and reward themselves — and you could buy for the money. That’s why we continue to watch TV, and with it the advertising. 8-hour working day makes us not to have any ambition outside of work.

We are forced to live in the womb of culture, which was created in order to make us tired, hungry for approval, can not do without facilities, dependent and spending a lot of money on some unnecessary stuff. We spend to have fun, reward yourself, something to celebrate, to solve problems, to improve their own status or just to beat boredom.

What would happen if we stopped spending so much money on something that we don’t have? The whole country at one point change? The economy collapsed and stood up.

All of our problems: depression, environmental pollution, the extra weight that keeps the economy. The economy was healthy, you need to have unhealthy people. Healthy and happy people don’t feel that they need more than they already are, and this means that they are not buying a million of anything and do not require extraordinary entertainment. They even is not interesting.

Culture the 8-hour working day — the most powerful weapon to keep people in a state of emotional frustration, so they constantly had problems and the need to buy.

Heard of Parkinson’s law? The more you have time to to do something, the more you do it. It’s amazing how much can be done in 20 minutes if you have no more time. But if you have the whole day free, you’re going to do things much longer.

On the same principle most of us with their money. The more we earn, the more you spend. Not that we immediately need to buy more: we can afford it and easily allow. In fact, it is difficult to avoid the continuous improvement of living standards every time we have the opportunity to raise them.

Of course, it makes no sense to abandon the entire system of world order and urgency to migrate to forests, resulting dumb as fantasized Holden Caulfield. But we could more consciously treat this problem. We do what we want and don’t see anything special about it — such perfect consumers.

The ideal consumer is dissatisfied but hopeful, he is not interested in personal development, he constantly watches TV, works 40 hours a week, normally earns, on the weekends goes shopping and somehow cope.

Sound like you?

It seems to me. I think for many of us.

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