Words that cannot be used in the interview

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2014_KC5PpdpBZwIeyThe success of the interview depends not only on the level of your competence and experience, but also from the way you talk about their own competence, experience and so on.

Only a few «wrong» words — and you have no chance to get an interesting position. From this situation only one way out — watch out for the Bazaar, the man.


The biggest problem with this «nedoslov» is that you don’t notice how often you use it. Just try to have recorded on tape a conversation with a friend — you’ll be astonished how much you «akeshi» grunt and say a lot of other unintelligible sounds.

Unfortunately, the abundance in the speech of such words produces a negative impression on a potential employer. It seems like you don’t know what to say, or unable to clearly Express own thoughts.


Or «like that. Answering a question so you sound like a teenager, with all the consequences. The words «sample» are synonymous and given to him your insecurity that you’re talking about. Replacing them with a clear «Yes» or «no», and you’ll look in the eyes of the employer much more confident.

3.»I hate»

Hatred is a destructive emotion, no matter to whom it is directed. You risk to seem the other party is aggressive, this means that you are unlikely to be able to successfully work in a team.


Even if you know corporate etiquette company allows its employees to speak at work, still don’t risk to use profanity during the interview session. You seem rude and unprofessional.


Unfortunately, this word has long acquired the character of a meaningless cliche due to the fact that most of those who like to characterize themselves in this way, in fact, are not perfectionists.


If you come to the interview, it means you intend to work on myself, and some company. So, you will become part of a team. Excessive «yakan» says about you as an individual, is not subject to share joys and sorrows with his team and a loving puff their own egos. Even when you talk about your professional achievements, should emphasize the importance of your achievement for the company where you worked.


As well as its synonyms. Not to pass blabbermouth and sneak at the stage of interview, you should avoid such comments to the description of the interviewer of the company.

By themselves, words like «wonderful» and «beautiful» and like them «empty», they mean nothing, except for the emotion you want to convey. For example, the source reports that the company has spent so many thousands of money to repair office.

Instead of a simple expression of joy over the event, which, by the way, you is not concerned, and perhaps will never touch, it would be reasonable to say more intelligent answer like: «it must be now the staff has become more comfortable to work there».

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