Words that annoy all dudes over the age of twenty


I can no longer listen to these words. All repeat, as usual, and I’m sick. Think not me alone.

1. Normal operation

This is the kind of thing which you have, by definition, no. Not to be confused with regular work. Freelancing is not a real job. A place where you can come in jeans and sneakers — not a normal job. Working in catering is not a normal job. Normal operation is when you squeeze yourself into a costume, staying out late, you sometimes cry, but premium and corporate events. Not only from the word, me from the phenomenon itself sick.

2. Wedding

It’s when two people love each other so much you want to inform the state, and at the same time to throw an incredible amount of thousand on miscellaneous stuff like invitations, dresses and banquets. And this is the norm. I’m not against the phenomena, I’m against all this hype around him.

3. Pension

You’re already thinking about retirement? Maybe you should contact the pension Fund? Did you know that next year you will take the cumulative part and send it to state needs? YES, I KNOW, AND I HATE THE WORD «PENSION» IN ANY CONTEXT.

4. Debts

Satan: do not fade, everything you mention them, and so you plow, like hell, but also can inadvertently again to move down to the parents because it is cheaper.

5. Budget

Theoretically a very important part of your life, helping you to plan finances. Say, it is also synonymous with responsibility. Personally, I budget strictly and essentially ignore, because I don’t like to do everything went according to plan: I feel proprietary. It’s like in school: you fifty dollars a day and go for a walk.

6. Hipster

Anyone who says that word, tell me: why are you talking about? What does it mean? Can I somehow convince you not to use it? Why do you call me, even though I bought clothes from Chinese websites, listen to Rick Ross and Bracker and read Herzen? Do I have to wear a fur hat, to be just a man? Why, why, and for what?

7. Mortgage

I understand that if I subscribe to it, the mortgage will enslave me for 20 years and I do Oh, how I want. On the other hand, I really do not understand what a poor way, I should buy their homes without it. Life is pain, man.

8. Creative

One more word-the puzzle: why does everyone say? Any word for which you are unable to find a suitable definition, immediately finds a companion — «creative». Not original. Not creative. Not unusual. No! All terribly modern, though they are unaware that «creative» is a hint that you’re over 40 and you are struggling to be young. Usually the «creative» things represent a complete sad shit, but people prefer not to notice, emphasizing the undoubted advantage of the artifact — its creativity.

9. Uggs

Women, immediately remove these Puharich monsters and don’t remember them ever! Do you know that this home shoes? If so, then why wear it on the street? Functional and ugly. And what motivation can there be? And so, another problem is how to derive from these monsters circumstantial case? How — «ugg» or «uggs»? Both sounds monstrous, so it’s best to get rid of the reality that the word need has disappeared by itself.

10. Relationship

You have a serious relationship? The above relationship should work. To build relationships. To end the relationship. To start a relationship. Relationships relationships relationships!!!

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