Wooden sofa

Wooden sofa

The end of summer is not a reason to stop to build a cottage or back yard. You have to be ready for the next hot season. What do I need to do? Well, for example, to build the right furniture. By the way, this wooden «sofa» will help you not only in the country. It can be put on the balcony or in the garage if you got one of these. In General, this gizmo everywhere there is a place. If you’re one of us disagrees, then it’s time to take.

1. What you need


  • 15 boards 20 x 144 x 2400 mm. You need to cut 7 length 600 mm/ 2, length 640 mm/ 4 in length 300 mm;
  • 5 boards of 20 x 94 x 2400 mm. They need to cut 5 with a length of 536 mm/ 6 length 640 mm;
  • 1 Board 32 x 69 x 1800mm. It cut into 6 boards, length 1800 mm;
  • 1 Board 69 x 69 x 1800mm. It cut 4 boards with a length of 1800 mm;
  • Drill, jig saw, nail, screws.

2. Back

Start with assembling the rear panel. You need to do everything as shown in the diagram and photos. Nothing complicated sense razmusolivat drawn.

To compile, you can use regular screws and don’t forget the square.

3. Basis

Assemble the basic part. Don’t forget to leave the best boards for the top and front of the base. Referring again to the photo and scheme and do everything exactly as shown there. Don’t forget to leave a gap of 20 mm for mounting the side panels.

4. Fasten

Now is the time to bond back with the main part. Don’t forget to do resistance. And again, look at the pictures.

5. Armrests

Time to do the armrests. When you install them don’t forget about gon. Everything seems to be ready. Left to cover our sofa paint and sketch on his soft pillows.

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