Women’s the curse of the Tatar journalism



Good day, guys! Not going to paint a kilometer-long «Thank you…», and try to describe the gratitude to a few sentences. You are so cool that made me (up to now, more than SMS, the text is not read and on his nose, saw nothing) excitedly reread your articles and look forward to new and generally expanded my horizons to the size of the galaxy. Thanks for the (damn, I wanted another word to use) interactive magic pendel in the form of articles that instruct on the right path.

The case, in fact, that’s what. Here, where I was born (sorry for Klitschko-style), profession my profile is not very popular among the male population. We can say that employers in this sector feel some, even a shortage of men. We are talking about journalism, but rather on «local» the direction of the Tatar journalism (Yes, this also exists).

So it turns out that all of my students I spent, and still spend at work, in Malin, that is in a purely female team. While many guys brag about how much they… (well, in General, of course), I can only boast of those, how many survived the one I was first at uni, and now in the office. At first I didn’t pay attention to it, but with time came the realization that the environment at women’s team resembles a kind of GULAG and prison, when in the morning you go to work with thoughts to move mountains, and by lunchtime is ready warhead to run in the window of his Department to ensure that everyone was silent.

And here is the question, or rather several. Well, okay, a bit much. What to do? How to work when you are the one among the «hostile» sex? How to gather thoughts together and to work without being distracted by unnecessary conversations, gossip and stuff. (Because as I understand it, women when many of them cannot shut up.) Because the work needs to be neutral and purely work conversations, but not the discussion of those/of other/of this world… Or am I wrong? Or, to change the scope of activities, go to the technical (good hands grow from the right place like) where an equal number of men and women. Then journalism will have the role of a hobby, which later just to bury tons daily, which I absolutely do not want.

I apologize for such a text, which is already stretched out in paragraph 4 (Holy shit), but it is a problem. And she chews is not the first month.

PS Returning to the women’s team. Recently I began to notice that when with loyal comrades meet in the evening with a glass of alcohol and starts something in the style of «go to girls», I know I don’t want that. Instead, I want to sit again and discuss cars, culture, politics… But still somehow force myself to go with them, and then the whole evening sitting and Borovichi look crazy the whole district, but would not hear all these women talk.

P. P. S. I asked this same question, but without registering on the site. Perhaps, then, it has not reached You. Now as a registered user send it again.

The answer

Isenmesez, hormetle iptas! Big Rahmat you for such kind words! No matter how high and sophisticated turns of phrase you use, the important thing is that you say it with a pure heart, God bless you Perun! But we strongly recommend to pay attention to increasing linguistic stock. Do not think you have a normal speech, but a couple of dozen new words will not be superfluous, the more you are connected with the journalistic profession.

Gafu itegez that the answer was shorter than the question. But it’s not the volume but the content. We ran out of knowledge in Tatar, fake it nothing else and therefore humbly move on to native great and mighty.

I will say from the perspective of a man who half his life spent in the raspberry patch. So, girls are a hell of a lot of talking on topics that the male mind understands, but to discuss in such an environment refuses. So, as you call it, the «enemy» Paul really is prone to rumor-bones (you they also discuss barely your silhouette disappears behind the door) and loves to discuss something. But otherwise, if every other event affects them: they have PMS, the guy threw the cat gave birth to, a son in jail. But enough to stick headphones in your ears and to work quietly, absorbed in their thoughts, and if you’re not a lonely bachelor at 30 divorcées, which is a bit over 30, something to distract you they will often.

Good nothing this team does not differ from mixed or men’s. Do you think that in «mixed» cooperatives conversations less? Hah, my dear, I knew one place where women had more than our brother, and all of them were silent, as if the Gestapo secretaries. The office was lit with leaping trills, distracting all the jokes and conversations about the eternal once came the head of the male. Then at least ears with wax seal is still distracting. So it is important to understand that the more distraction: talking or just work in «raspberry». I agree that the discussion of cosmetics and their children proves stronger than jokes about pussy and Boobs than phone calls and a freelance request. We by nature can’t hear, when praising someone else and talking about things whose nature is alien to us. It’s like watching a tampon commercial day in a row. Given that female beauty you’re sick, then perhaps the field of activity, if possible, better to change. Overworked you are, lad. Work is work, not fun, but if it discourage you thirst for communication with the opposite sex, so long to the vow of celibacy and a membership card to a gay club.

As one of my acquaintance to be only «dandelion» in «the raspberry patch» only makes sense when there is a chance to enjoy the «fruits». But, apparently, you have other thoughts.

It seems that to a large Tatar journalism you’re attached as well as a group of «female trouble» music, that is for you is a hobby. If you have nothing to lose, why not learn a new craft? In the end, I’m telling you as a person associated with journalism, a small town and a large and distinctive Tatarstan, as in any other region, there are many other broadcasters, online publications and print media. And maybe in another place the principle of operation does not spend time only in the circle of ladies.

Of course, to work in only one women’s team, many it does not distract and does not irritate, but then, apparently, a matter of habit, sentiment and Outlook. If you count the ladies, «hostile sex», of course, fun is not.

So stop agrisa and go!

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