Women who can’t be alone

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_NF8dNB14pVfNfThere is an amazing type of women who never got to be alone. As a child she played with boys in the sandbox. At school she was already two people who dragged her backpack home. In a later age tried to score her a lot of guys on graduation she easily found a couple to dance a waltz. When she was a little older, she has not ceased to be in demand. You can see these ladies surrounded by many men giggling over their joke and terribly flattered by the attention of men. This woman can not do without male attention, she basks in it, she enjoys them. Man for her is an important resource. She is not friendly with them as a friendly face here in this article, she enjoys their attention.

She has always had a special relationship with men, understanding men, and always should be a lot. Not necessarily to sleep with them. One person to walk to the theater; one man for sex, one for the lunch break; one on a walk, to enjoy the company. Sometimes it happens that the girl is in a relationship with a man, but she has a few men for sex, and sometimes they were decorated so that they meet.

This girl could be really good. Interesting, not a whore, good job, many interests have something to talk about, but here’s a strange dependence on male attention; having a lot of men who go running after her; the desire to get to the center of the company of men… this girl is not it? Why she need male attention and she absolutely can not stay alone?

Why can’t she be lonely?

She was not sure myself

As strange as it sounds, the most common cause of this behavior and the desire to have a lot of guys for different things — a lack of confidence. At first glance, it is, of course, terribly arrogant, but it’s a show. Often, in school, she is the ugly duckling. Ugly, strange figure — men almost never look at it. But then it turns out that all she was okay. Grow Tits, ass, girl decently dressed and transformed into a Swan, in whose soul still lives a sense of his galoot. Men need that person just to convince myself again and again: Yes, beautiful, and, preferably, be jealous, bitches.

There is another side. This girl is still ugly. She knows that nature gave her nothing and did not fix it even rocking, cosmetics and so on. So she tries to prove to the world that men can love and appreciate ugly. I already wrote about a woman named Luda, which differs in a particular unattractive appearance and bad hair and amazing voice. In beauty, it compensates (or tries) that he tries to look friendly, generous, keen on a huge number of different things… and very affordable. She managed a few times to be married.

So ladies it is scary sad when no one is around. Typically these will be people who will visit them in the hospital, a man that is not ashamed to go to the wedding of a friend; a great person to grab a beer after work. When they are alone and their husbands are, these women fall into a deep infantile depression as to live on their own they are not able.

It is dependent

It so happened that she was always with someone. First the father, the brothers, the first school boys-friends, once a kid. The girl was used to this. Very often she is one of those ladies whose mothers have been taught the need to bow before men as before some superior race. It happens that women of this type suffer common for these stupid n*ZD drawback: they hate women and do not know how to communicate with them. Usually women find a common language, and our lady knows how to shake that woman for her stupid, worthless, petty creatures. Its position it is trying to show that the same as men, only small and gentle. I must say that it is not always obtained. Without men she was bent, cause you to take your life in your hands.

She gathers a collection of

Someone collects stamps, someone coins, and she men. She can tell you what each was remarkable, and what base there. Not every dude pleased that your mistress has dated men of all different kinds and characteristics. A friend of mine, for example, chasing the getting in his collection of Negro medical school. Received. Then told everyone about it dubious experience.

She’s a serial flirt

Is this the type of people the Americans call them serial flirter. These are ladies, which it is currently unable to be monogamous, but be nice and flirt with every man. Sleep with them and have a romantic relationship is not necessary, and often undesirable. These women are merciless in their ignorance of what drives guys in the friend zone and fall in love with. These ladies nature dragonflies grasshopper, for her broken heart — the game.

The positive side

As with any phenomenon, this girl has a positive side. About them I will tell you.

It is ideal for short-term relationship

You don’t want your relationship went to something bigger, but want some sort of stability? These ladies are ideal for these relations. Deep down they realize that the majority of men meet with them just for this, many of them pleased with it. No problems, no casualties, tired of each other — divorced. You can not call and everything is clear.


You want to raise their self-esteem? You chose, of course, a shitty way, but with the help of the ladies will understand that you have something that makes desired the lady to run to you.

If she had a lot of guys, she knows how to make us

In the case of the ugly lady this very topic. There is even a group of guys who call themselves «godfathers,» because everyone slept with her. And she knows it too. «The friends» told me that she really, really good at it himself, and offered to try. But, sorry, personally I find it hard to sleep with a girl is SO unattractive.

But there is a negative side

And this side, frankly, outweighs.

She always has those with whom you compare

What’s more, she probably with them still communicate because they left without any problems and scandals. Of course, much to the girl nowadays is pretty naive and stupid, but the number of men may be expressed obscenely large number, even more than you do. A grasshopper clings to her past, she lives with emotions, so trying to suck all the juice from their own memories. To do this, she holds a bunch of things that remind you of the former.

It is fickle

The girl who always had a lot of men, used to change them as gloves. Since it is impossible to build long-term relationships, because only a hobby for her — a change of men. Of course, she might have other interests, but it is most important, for this reason a particular depth are not observed in it, but she’s drooling on each new guy so that a bulldog will be jealous.

In a relationship it will behave the same as them

Does it bother you that she flirts with anyone? They frankly do not understand why! «Problem?» she said. «Go!» She always find a new one.

She is a product of your past

It is not bad and not good (no good and bad people), she Rostock fertilizers in your past. Doubt, worries about their inferiority, specific education — all resulted in this woman, perhaps she is not happy that she is.

How to identify a female?

Your girlfriend’s a spaz? It is easy to identify:

  • Her parents don’t know your name.
  • She has a lot of things and photos that remind you of the former.
  • Her friends look at you with irony.
  • She often recalls your ex and not shy about it.
  • She lives with relationships and always neglects his life and friends for you.
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