Women, which you should run


No bro, as it seems, will never run away from the girl. But these people need to go. With them and sleep unpleasant, if not dangerous. Long-term relationships with them, not see as their ears, do not even try. In the light of such a huge number of girls, but we often encounter those who are good, should get round, but we for one reason or another are still with them. Why? Why? The reasons are different, but if you are in the stage of searching for relationships of any degree of complexity, and on your way to meet one of these persons can silently turn around and walk away.

1. Those that someone said that they are terribly smart

There is a type of women which do not feed bread, give to humiliate the man by showing him the holder of elongated genitalia, where his place in the food chain. Someone told them that they were enormously intelligent and have a great sense of humor coupled with a great sense of self-importance, these girls are a terrible inhuman p..Dec. Once one company where I had to be one fun bro with a funny mustache told a funny joke, which tried to reconcile man with another man. Anecdote this way: «the Best chefs are men, and the best cooks are women.» A person with exceptional snobbery that every second was throwing a drop of poison, said that such a profession as «cook», does not exist, and an anecdote — a blow to the Russian language, and she as a linguist in terrible pain from it.

Like all opponents of brainstorming, but when these opponents do not argue gracefully and just make the strange brain of toxic and specific observations, it ceases to be enjoyable. Evil ladies!

2. Female gold diggers

I think that if you don’t have a few billion in a Swiss Bank, then you do not face the fate of being a victim of lover of gain? You’re very wrong, my friend! There are high-flying birds, and there are those who are satisfied gnats, which fly above the earth, so you may well get by heart. Every dude somehow have to care and spend money on a girl. I guarantee that no girl can resist, if you don’t give it to her for the time of your acquaintance with her at least lousy of a flower. The girl wants to have fun, to eat well, but what is most important is that now it someone will care and she will have to take care of him in return. This is a common courtship ritual, that’s OK!

But a gold digger will actively hunt people, whose money she is going to live. If the ordinary girl is waiting from you a nice souvenir and going to the movies, this person will require from you lobster, stones and trips to expensive restaurants. If a girl persistently asks you something, be on your guard, man! But often skilled kopalnice demand money so that you feel like you’re just doing it nice. If suddenly you notice that you start to pay her bills, run!!!

3. Right

This lady can be a lot of positive characteristics. She may be very intelligent, beautiful, educated, interesting, but all of this negates the fact that it is painfully correct. It has a number of strange rules that she follows with religious-fanatical zeal. She may be a pathological neat, may not give you the first six dates, can seriously to give you before marriage and do a lot of amazing things that it negotiates with its specific internal code of conduct. But worst of all, she is sure that it can not be otherwise, any attempt to give her to think that she might be wrong, will result in the most incredible, just a huge scandal. The problem is that she not only wants to change, she is still painfully in the groin stubborn, which makes it just unbearable. All its benefits immediately thwarted. Horrible woman!

4. Psycho

Of course, this is not the girl in the foam smeared wild-eyed his feces on the walls of the chamber. It is unlikely you’d want to meet! Psycho — girl with pronounced problems in the psyche, neurosis and others, which require the intervention of at least a psychologist. Everyone has problems, but she was great! As aptly mentioned by one dude in a Comedy series: «It gives a crazy Shine in the eyes.» Separately about the crazy girls we had post. Here it is. Of course, it can shake your life, to bring an element of extreme sports, but when your stuff will be broken in a quarrel, your phone is recessed in the soup, and your cat, someone cuts the tail, you will remember us and our article. By the way, many of them absolutely crazy in bed, if anything, we warned you. One of my friend one person tried to shove some object in the member. Dude ran away from her, and she him then got out.

5. The girl who doesn’t understand «not serious relationship»

Let’s say that you don’t want to find love. You are tired and want to find someone with whom you can have a good time, have sex, take a walk, see a movie, and then to leave without recriminations. Comfortable relationship or booty call for one night. But this girl was probably the worst room in the list. First, such as it is, it is extremely difficult to calculate. Even if the girl is seriously not going to marry and have children, she doesn’t understand how you can have sex once or meet a month. It is a blow to the ego, or maybe she just doesn’t understand this type of relationship. Until you’re sure that everything goes according to plan, and the girl sincerely understand that it is one-two months or a couple of Fucks, she is not aware neither sleep nor spirit. And then suddenly you start to move away from it. You didn’t explain to her the rules of the game, or she did not understand them. And she understands all this as a betrayal. Or understand what is going on. She is going to get you different offers, will try to reach you, and then you will understand that it is, in fact, deceived. And you’ll feel nothing. On the one hand, like you promised nothing, and with another — the girl with the broken heart surrounded by friends who reassured her that all men goats. Trouble.

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