Women want us to lie. What?

Women perceive information in a strange way, especially when you talk to them men. They have a filter or something? A smart man knows that talking with a friend — all the same what to walk on the edge. Sometimes miss the desired item or add extra — and North, or fight, or fuck, if you’re lucky.

Communication is one of the most important components of a relationship, and here we must be especially careful. We have always been told that lying is bad, but… we lied. Surely you did not just got in trouble only because they do not lie. Of course, truthfulness is the basis of good relations, but sometimes for the sake of preserving them better when to shut up.

Always be prepared

Any woman asks the man ambiguous questions. They serve two purposes: to reinforce women’s fragile egos and to test the man’s ability to cope with stress.

If you’re not prepared for such questions, when the time comes to answer them (believe me, women always put their best when you least expect), you will begin to thoughtfully look around, cough and other ways to cosplay as macaque.

White lies we want to hear women

If you don’t want to be taken unawares, be aware of what she wants to hear in response to an uncomfortable question. So you’re definitely not lost.

When you’re prepared to threat issues and responding to them, not look like a student and says at the blackboard a poem, you not only will avoid a quarrel, but will deserve in the eyes of a friend a few extra points. What lie?

About gift

Women love giving gifts and try hard to have their gift came to us in the shower. However, sometimes their good intentions lead us to this gift hell. If you want it was not the last gift in your life, tell me how you like this little bear. But to tell the truth more important than not breaking someone’s heart?

Question: «what is your gift?»

Wrong answer: «And Misha?»

Correct answer: Before she asks you, say: «O my God, my God, bear! How cute. Come here, let me give you a bear hug!»

On the former

No matter how good are your relationship, your girlfriend will definitely ask you how it compared with your ex. This monstrous meal, especially if you and your ex is not lost to each other respect.

There urgently needs to lie and say that your friend is superior to the former in all aspects. Warning: I don’t start the conversation on this topic, but only if she asks, otherwise the friend will think that you’re constantly compare her to your ex.

Question: «Who is better, me or her?»

Wrong answer: «You’re better, but… (shut your mouth!)»

The correct answer is: «How can there be a comparison? I didn’t even know that the relationship can go so well. You’re my only».

About the relationship

Women love to plan, and they want to know where will your relationship. They also want to feel like reached in a relationship with you longer than all your previous girlfriends. The reason is simple: all girls want to be special.

Question: «What do you feel about me? Do you love me?»

Wrong answer: «I Think so»; «it All depends on what is meant by the word love», «I love you with all my heart and would die without you» (too pathetic).

Correct answer: Look him in the eye and say: «Before you, I never loved anyone, but now I am confident in my feelings.»

About your thoughts

A woman always wants to know what you think about her, about her friends, about her family, about her figure, hair, clothes, blah-blah-blah.

Question: «what are you thinking?»

Wrong answer: «nothing, what’s up?»; «About what you recently put on weight» etc.

The correct answer is: «Remember, you said you have a sick puppy? Now, he has recovered, no?»

About her figure

You should always tell her she’s sexy (at least once a week), so she doesn’t ask such questions. The last thing men like to hear the complaints, «Oh, I recovered, what do you think?»

Question: «I’m fat?»

Wrong answer: «You’re beautiful». Women this tactic will not disappoint. They all understand. See, the idea is good, but the woman will immediately understand what you’re trying to avoid a direct answer to the question. So, you have something to hide.

Correct answer: «I Think you’re better? I didn’t notice. You look the same as in the day when we met.»

About another woman

Imagine that you are sitting in the Park and runs past the woman in the shorts — and she has a wonderful figure! It is impossible to take your eyes, and your friend asks:

Question: «She’s good, isn’t it?»

Question fatal! Then she asks who is prettier, joggers or she!

Even mutt will realize that joggers prettier than your girlfriend. It’s like comparing Emily Ratzkowski and Bob Marley! Your friend knows the answer to this question, but wants to raise their self-esteem.

Wrong answer: «Not beautiful, just beautiful»; «Yes, she’s probably a snob»; «Repeat the question», to stuff more food in his mouth and something unintelligible mumble.

The correct answer is: «no prettier, she’s not my type». Even if she is the type of all men! Don’t need no logic — most importantly, that friend believed you. All works: you lie to a friend, she’s lying to yourself, everyone is happy.

And finally

When I saw so many cheap lies in one place, I wanted to get away from the office (and there are no four, ya sly dog!) and wash your hands and mouth with soap. However, to resort to such stratagems have rarely, especially if your friend is normal. Then she will ask stupid questions much less frequently than you can imagine.

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