Women on women

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_h5KHzwqMO1YgsOn the pages of our publication we write a lot about women. But much more interesting to listen to them. So you are thinking of women about men and women. First, we wanted to ask the beautiful half about relationships from the female point of view. However, during the interviews it was a lot of interesting thoughts that are the sin here was not included, because the selection was very wide, but about the relationship said still more.

Had to work hard to extract detailed answers «nothing» the very essence. I think Babskii chatter, you will enjoy and at home, so here are just the specifics.


«If a girl is angry, it is not necessary to get the various «Sucy-pus». Better just back off. If not crying – come here. And do not mix!»


«If the girl is more than a minute without interrupting listens to you, check her pulse. Here can be anything: maybe love, maybe dead.»


«If a woman laugh at your joke, don’t try to build on the success of immediately telling the second.»

This advice many should take into account not only in dealing with the ladies, but with their own kind. Represent such and immediately sorry ladies becomes.


«Yes, we are not all the shampoos and creams, which stand at us on the bathroom counter. What? It’s all in order for you to like!»


«A woman can love a man, which is a little nicer monkey-provided that in other respects it is far superior to not only the lower but also the higher primates. You want us to like – ponravilsa! Do not build anything!»


«When a woman says «Do what you want», don’t do it».

I can never understand them.


The classic manifestation of the legendary «female logic»:

«The woman loves ears, a woman just needs to talk. Importantly, it was fun and nice to listen to you. Yes, compliments too, need».


«If, during the dispute we have not enough arguments, we are going to paint your nails, tweeze your eyebrows».


«Dirt under the fingernails, Koszul in the nose, sulphur, flakes sticking out of your ears is so gross. God, what are you hoping for, coming to meet people like this?! The only thing we think of in such moments: how not marygate».


«Don’t forget about mom. We don’t want to be the reason that you do not communicate. We don’t mind you listening to her and visit. Only then do not forget about our moms, they also need attention.»

And continuing the theme of mothers:

«For us it’s very important how you will enjoy our parents. Anyway, the girl stays with the guy… most likely. But with approval of parents, we feel happy.»

So consider this before you go to zaniatsa.


«Father for life will remain a male ideal, whatever it was. We’re looking for someone that was like him, at least a little bit. But better than Papa does not happen.»


«If you do not give us to be capricious if not to allow us to buy everything, if not just give us to be weak, we will turn into monsters and ruin your life».


The cry of the sensible women of their own kind:

«So, women some song, I don’t mind.»


– Why do some girls love to talk about themselves in a male face?

I don’t know. It’s like… cool. And sometimes I feel tired man. I also get tired of women. I do think that all this talk about women are from Venus, men are from Mars – this is nonsense. It all depends on human behavior. And this split only divides us.


«Sex for women is never just a physical act. It always means so much more. So keep this in mind and approach it more seriously.»

Listen, guys.


To be with a man modest and stupid and very comfortable. Therefore, we are.

– Immodest and a fool? Such, perhaps more.

– I don’t know the other girls, I don’t understand them. Fools perhaps.


«Not all women are into maudlin melodrama. Actually, we may like the same movies and books as you. I love fighters and watching football, and even in Mortal Combat play. And drink beer».


«A woman to be cool. All our complaints of headaches, diet and heels – just so you’re not jealous and all over indulged».

Mystery solved.


«If during the relationship, we begin to feel uncomfortable, always worried, jealous and take out the brain, then we very much value our relations.»

So rejoice if your Luba sniffing the shirt on the presence of female spirits.


«This is nonsense, for us it is very important how you dress. Nothing of the sort. In the end, if the girl is smart, she will put the guy right. It is important for us that the person was reliable.»

I think this can be interpreted as a green light sandals with socks!


«Yes, it’s true. If I was given a day to become a man, I would be the first thing someone fucked and jerked off. So what? We are curious, why do you always pick at it. Everything else I can do in the female form.»

And then everyone thinks that men are only about sex and think! What is wrong with you, lady! Although this is, of course, cool.


«Annoying men who live with their parents.»


«We really appreciate the men’s actions. Even if you do not bounce and do not squeak with delight. Especially if you do not bounce and do not squeak».


«The woman is allowed to achieve tears whatever.»


«In fact woman can do just husband know about it, zakompleksovany».


«Do not think that the flowers donated for no reason, arouse suspicion. But if a woman says she hates flowers, it does not mean that it is not necessary to give them».

Another female secrets. So don’t rejoice if the beloved on the first date he confessed his dislike of the dead plants.


«If a woman is something very much wants, try to give it to her. Anyway, she’ll get it, but maybe not with you.»

From the «no exit».


«We hate when we are compared to other women! We are interested to know what we are better, but not when we compare. And by the way, my ex is better not to remember».


«Why, it is believed that men’s tears is weakness. This is very nice. But only when in moderation.»

Crying, men, they gave good!


«In order to impress us, it should just fulfill its promise. We do not pull you for language. Very important for us, when a man keeps his word.»


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