Women are more likely to suffer from smartphone addiction


Nomophobia — fear of being without a mobile phone. This is a new phobia of the modern world. According to the last year, mobile addicts, according to scientists, reveal one of the most frequently used apps over 60 times a day. The average user, for comparison, reveals the need your app on the smartphone about 10 times.

The data of this year are very different from the previous one. Mobile addicts are now open Twitter or Instagram… 150 times a day. Each application! The average user has also become more dependent on mobile communication: now he looks into your app 30 times. Now statistics looks depressing.

The studies were carried out on a voluntary basis. The control group has installed it on their phones special programs, which during the year recorded the number of times certain applications. The results were specific. The number of people calling at their popular programs more than 16 times increased by 23%. The number of people coming into their apps 16 to 60 times… increased by 55%. Frank and the number of mobile addicts increased by 123%!

In March 2014, there were 176 million mobile addicts. For comparison, in March 2013 there were 79 million, 52% of mobile addicts were women. It is strange that among the subjects there were 48% women and 52% men. The number of women Samofalov steadily growing, almost 8%, but the number of men with a similar dependence is on the decline.

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