Woman found in his house a stranger to the guy who danced naked


Never think that I will return home and something will change dramatically. The house feels like an island of stability and calm. But you imagine that you come home and there is already someone there. And he did not Rob, not kill, but engaged in the usual business. And it’s actually quite scary. And no: this isn’t the start of some new science fiction novel is a true story.

A woman from Texas, but rather with the city of El Paso, returned home in the evening and heard suspicious sounds coming from the bathroom. Looking back, she saw 41-year-old Hector Sanchez, who danced under the shower for a cheerful song. Of course, the woman was very surprised to put it mildly. The man also refused to leave the bathroom, so the hostess called the police.

When law enforcement arrived on the scene, they found the guy, comfortably settled on the bed. The man was in the costume of Adam; where were his clothes, it is unknown where he came, too.

The guy refused to go even after the police arrived, so had democratically set the dog on him. The guy was taken to the police. What will happen to him? Don’t know, but I hope that he will at least pants.

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