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Why girls fell on deaf ears when the guy on the case sets out the reasons for their dissatisfaction, placing everything on the shelves, in fact? And, conversely, why they immediately try to make amends, is to say the guys that were hurt their feelings?

In the second case, even if the guy is not right, hearing the word «feelings», the girl committed herself to apologize, accept blame, not to become guilty (sounds very stupid). In the first not to break through pride. I learned this approach some time ago, there was a time his experience in dealing with different girls, the result is not absolute, but 80% is working firmly. I confess, I used a similar loophole, but only for peaceful purposes and to satisfy curiosity.

Thanks in advance for your sincere response! Only interested in a female point of view. The site is super, not at all the more understood, but as opportunities.

When we got this question a few times we walked all the editors to find someone who’ll answer. The answers to the questions were different, but it’s more or less average.

If you seriously think that all girls live by feelings, you are sorely mistaken. Don’t tell me seriously asked 80-100 per cent of girls will not believe. If she does not pay attention to your words, while you hysterically screaming of the «Feelings!!!», perhaps she is not nice to you, you don’t think about it? May all your words for it — it’s white noise, and when you say something about feelings, she immediately wakes up and says pre-prepared: «I’m Sorry!»

Secondly, there’s a reason buried in education. Many girls were brought up on books and films in which tardecita on the importance of feelings. The character is constantly torn between her feelings and some unknown crap. Most often it is all painfully irrational, stupid, stupid, but firmly sinks into the subcortex of the girls as the correct model of behavior. Girls think that «feelings» is important because their significance is spoken by all and Sundry. So we have here a funny baby reaction. Besides, men don’t often speak about feelings, and understanding of these girls mens mention of feelings, something extraordinary.

By the way, I want to know what exactly you’re talking with the girls. Is: «Enough to lower the seat, it hurts my feelings!»? I would also immediately apologized, went nuts and would cease to do everything. Where you take these ladies, huh?

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