Without compromise

Paradis.com.ua_7.09.2015_dVhnjSW8D3F69If the country, choosing between war and a shame selects a shame, it receives both war, and a shame.

Winston ChurchillIs probably the most popular statement of old Churchill, which with an enviable regularity coming from all corners of the Russian-speaking Internet. However, now we are not talking about the war in the usual sense of the word, and about the war we are waging, every time you walk out the door.

We live in a world where people are not able, because of their number, not knowing hunger, cold and disease. Not enough resources now. And we’re not talking about the meaning of it all, you don’t need to know the reasons for this state of Affairs. But you should know that everyone will want to grab a piece of the good life, and at your expense. Especially the shortage of high-quality goods, reasonable rates and affordable housing. Otherwise can not be.

So the worst thing you can do for your future is to compromise with strangers, meaningless for you, because compromise is always a deviation from the original objectives, is always surrender. One day you’re afraid to say a firm «no», and then it will torment you life. Many people lost their time a great opportunity just because of this. And the time – naughty chick need to be very careful. Time will always be missed, whatever you do, whether it is home renovation or of building a large campaign.

From childhood you were taught to love the world, but when you go in life, once you begin to understand that the world doesn’t like you. You have to fight and compromise and compromise – those are the things that will stand in the way of what you deserve.

Every moment in life is not similar to the previous one: one day you’re sad, the other is starving someone else. Fed only those who leave without food other. Not to say that in this system there is someone bad, just some are unable to overcome their weakness and continue to wear rose-colored glasses, believing that just good to do its job, and you will definitely move. Yes, without this in any way, but the love of victory we must cultivate. And if the Olympics in high school told you: «the Important part» – be sure that the celebration of life knows two kinds of people: winners and losers.

Such is the price of success. Forget humanism in business because the rules no one plays. Live without compromise, because walking on them, you clog your potential weight your task, which would allow almost immediately, if not afraid to be aggressive and arrogant. Friendly atmosphere in the team is good for team, good for you, but your own success more than the team. At some point in life you have to outgrow your surroundings, your friends and your job. And here not to do without conflict in which you need to win, not to find a solution. You can always negotiate, and perhaps should do so in most situations, but not in those that relate to your future.

Below we give the list of unpleasant occasions in which trade-offs will cost you much more than you think:


Marriage is hard work, which is based on trust and compromise. If you really think your life will be better if you will disregard your individuality and begin to adjust to the person, we do not envy you. So, marriage does not consist only of bright moments, but when your life turns to hell, and you just tolerate him, time to compromise out – have to find something new. Children can complicate the exit from this situation, but you yourself are guilty that have brought them the wrong person.

The scope of services

Rudeness in stores, failure to comply with agreements with a warranty, the breach of the obligations of the staff – it happens so often that we have become to score at all this. Accustomed to that, just live here have to put up with it. But no, in these cases you just have to be an asshole, because you paid for the service, so should receive it in full. Learn the rights of consumers, always read what you sign and if you have to hint about the court.

The cries of children

Public transport, shops, tourist places, beautiful lake surrounded by forest, where you get to relax – no matter what you do, you danger lurks in the form of crying or screaming children.

One Italian, just a real genius, how about something a bit crazy for them when I was working in my restaurant. In the end, he was one of the few who has limited access to the restaurant for children. When a storm of indignation from the crazy mom had subsided, the restaurant has added much to the customers. It appeared a great sign: «well-behaved children. Responsible parents».

What are we? And the fact that we have somehow decided «not to take» terrible behavior, but in the meantime they decent kill your brain cells. What is the solution? For starters, make at least a comment parents screaming monster. We have, unfortunately, places free of children, not yet organized. Strip clubs and bars don’t count.


There is always a need to have a hard, predatory acumen – all in nature. When lions kill a Zebra, then immediately begin to scurry around hyenas and birds are scavengers. Just turn away – just take your loot. How did you know from our previous articles, business is not about compromises, and friends among the competitors you can find. The jungle, teeming with poisonous animals on all sides. Naivety and fear struggle in this area is detrimental, the division is invalid.


If you’re not a businessman, just a hard worker, then the rules are not really changing. Maybe it’s not so hard, but it’s much more important. The average person doesn’t get a lot of gifts in my life. And so every opportunity can change your life forever. So to sit there and be silent, quietly do their work, to be «comfortable» the employee does not give you anything. You have to understand that you can a lot more than do now.

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