Without a head

Cut off the head from the body – a thing which completely rips off «the roof.» Mankind is practicing blowing the roof off during the course of many centuries. We have collected some shit-kicking facts about the cutting off the head. But not that you have once again questioned the humanity, and for the replenishment of Luggage of knowledge. It is quite possible to Shine in the company of annoying cousins, annoying the former and pathologists.

1. Science

This may seem strange, but the decapitation leads to true death. For a few seconds after the head falls away from the body, occurs a large loss of blood, and beloved vital organs (heart, lungs, etc.) stop receiving instructions from the brain and, consequently, to function. The worst thing in all this case is not a painful shock, namely, the cessation of blood circulation. Without it comes the necrosis of the cells (in the language of popular, they die) and the withering away of the organs. Of all organs.

2. Consciousness

Chapter from the film of Svetlana Baskova’s «Head» the head of Professor Dowell’s claim that the first moments after the beheading, the brain remains conscious. But most scientists do not agree with the head and the dark mages, and deny the possibility of such a situation. But there is one indisputable fact: human blood can remain healthy and oxidized for a maximum of 12 seconds after «blow the tower.» This is what suggests that the brain can continue to function during this short and not very pleasant period of time. There are some very interesting legends about such incidents. For example, when the Jacobins (were the French) sent to the guillotine Charlotte Corday for the murder of Marat (not Basharova, and Jean-Paul, one of the leaders of the French Revolution itself), it is her head after a successful disconnection from the body staring back eyes caught and slapped her carpenter. Here are the customs.

3. Ethics

Their barbarism and shocking immorality of ISIS the hair on the ass. This is unacceptable in the 21st century, in the era of technical progress, perhaps at the peak of human civilization. This is what should be people’s imagination to come up with such strange execution. And to remove them so that Hollywood operators have started to worry about «Oscar».

We will not paint all executions, it was said a lot. We can only say that in the Pantheon of modern executions, when Iran hang people indiscriminately, and in North Korea people are torn apart by trisnadi, decapitation is the most humane (so to speak) method of killing the unwanted. Famous, not once mentioned the guillotine, by the way, a French doctor Guillotin suggested it as a method of humane killing. Brain death occurs very quickly, while misfires can not be. If the executioner hands grow from the right place or the blade is not dumb as boots, and sharp as a humor God has chosen the theatre «curve mirror». Blade at high speed passes through the victim’s neck, causing a lot of suffering. There are micromoments terrible pain, but it passes quickly enough. I remember a character from the Saga of Harry Potter – the Ghost of fun, as the clips of «Die antwood», the name of Nearly headless Nick. It was executed quite horribly – 40 blows with a blunt axe – and his head was hanging on by a thread of skin and the pair lived. Or in old England lived freaks better than ISIS (sometimes you can find confirmation), or British greed was not allowed to sharpen an axe (the more often you sharpen, the faster grinds), or J. K. Rowling really getting rich imagination.

Another interesting moment: inventing the most painless method of legalized murder, people always tried to invent Kara terrible. To recall the electric chair, endlessly, in great pain and destroyed the guilty and the innocent.

4. Dirty business

But no matter how ethical it was, it has one big disadvantage: excessively dirty procedure is to cut off the head. Pressure makes circulation of blood gushing from the neck the contents of the veins and arteries in all directions. And all this attraction in the style of the massacre of the Umma Turman with the Yakuza from «Kill bill» will continue for at least 30 seconds.

On the other hand, the bloodthirsty residents of a distant and harsh past incredibly amused by the fountains of blood. Therefore, in civilized France the guillotine is already in 1939 last century always drew crowds of onlookers. However, it was normal for embittered in the interval between the two world wars of mankind. Writer San Antonio recalled that in smaller cities, those who do not have enough space in the square, climbed on roofs and trees. On one of the trees he had even seen masturbating on the severed head of a madman, which hit the French Daria Dontsova (in the sense that the quality of his detectives remained at approximately the same) until the end of life.

5. Chickens

As you know, the bodies of the snakes and chickens are able to run for several minutes even after the treacherous assassination. Remember insane, absurd, feathered carcass in the yard at grandma’s. Why is this happening? Just the spinal cord appeared in evolution before the main, and initially he has ruled the whole life of the body, including movements. Later the motor centers that arose in the brain, spinal cord are not replaced, and «overbuild» above them. In birds and mammals the spinal motor centres operate under the complete control of the centers of the brain. However, if the brain is separated from spinal cord, spinal centers some time, can work offline. The high autonomy was the legendary boring chicken Mike, who lived without a head for 18 months and continued to grow, tried to trample the chickens, although they didn’t pay attention (as they say, what would I do without guys, if figam a lot), tried to peck at the stump of grain and was making horrible gurgling sounds, plunging into shock the entire farm when he tried to crow. He’s lucky when the owner chopped his head, did not hurt the carotid artery, so Mike didn’t die from blood loss. The farmer lovingly fed him from a pipette with a solution of milk and water, threw in the esophagus, small grain, and put it on public display. It is safe to say that Mike is much steeper Duncan Macleod, but doesn’t hold a candle to the headless Horseman.

6. Inside and outside

External beheadings – what we all know and recognize. However, there is the so-called internal decapitation when the skull separates from the spinal cord, while the muscle tissue remains intact. Simply put, the skin and the meat on the spot, and the spine is torn off. And sadly, it also leads to inevitable death, as a rule, more painful, for example when hanging. Most people do not die from lack of oxygen due to a damaged trachea, but just because of this «beheading». And, of course, the result of a large number of dangerous injuries.

7. Modernity

We are three points above already wrote that the guillotine was used in France until 1977. It is true, then the executions ceased to be public in nature, the last execution in the eyes of the people was in 1939. Then executed the eccentric German who trades in killings and abductions in the homeland of the «Marseillaise» of Eugen Weidmann. And made them private because people often behaved executions are indecent. The sight of blood was greatly excited the crowd. Yes, and reporters and scandals (though reporters were forbidden to photograph as many as in 1909, they still managed to make fresh pictures of decapitated criminals.) You can’t show people blood and violence, it turns him into a bloodthirsty herd animals. Now the world is about the same, if you look closely.

The last execution on the guillotine, among other things, was also the last execution in Western Europe. Executed another immigrant, this time the Tunisian Hamid Djandoubi for the torture and murder of 21-year-old French girl he was trying to force into prostitution. However, finally, the estimated penalty was abolished in 1981. For 4 years was condemned by many, but due to uncertainty, the fashion for humanism, protection of human rights and endless appeals cunning lawyers who deserve to die scum left alive.

8. Butchers

Kara was always the most popular public spectacle similar except fairs or carnivals. But noted, again, France. Enemies of the state executed in batches and thus after the execution played the belongings of the dead. But most of all privileges was in kata. As wrote Vladimir Vishnevsky: «the Executioner knows no respite!.. But hell, work the air, work with people.» Becoming an executioner was a dream for many. Just need to sign convicted on the block and gently start the death machine. And in response – the applause of the crowd and popularity, which would be jealous of Ryan Gosling. Plus, you can get any boots of a suicide bomber. Indeed, they him to anything.

The executioners of the time were the real stars. Manners were more violent, and therefore death no one pushed. Only if the scaffold was raised with head held high, as in Skyrim, if the convicted person lived and died without fear, without fear, the attitude of the kata changed. Just because this business is not to get, you had to have good acquaintances. Therefore, most of the work for several generations passed within the infamous family from father to son. In the late 1800s public executions conducted by the famous Duo of son and father, Louis and Anatole, Dibler. But the most famous dynasty was a dynasty of Samsonov chopping up the famous heads.

But it is in France. At other times and In other countries executioners disliked. In the old days butchers had the right to marry the lovers. Tellingly, the youth pushed the fact that they believe in marriage hands stained in blood. They were not willing to deal, they didn’t even want to touch, but to tell them in the face was afraid. This is not France.

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