With yourself: why privacy is vital

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2014_N3dyPqQkemtlhStrange stuff… Why is everyone so against loneliness? Why we do not allow ourselves to be alone, just in the book «brave new world» by Huxley? Felt some kind of global conspiracy in all of this, saying, be fruitful, and multiply, comrades, the main thing to be with somebody, otherwise improper. In fact, we are always alone. Loneliness is the most frequent condition of any person. Man by nature alone, even if he managed to find people who are dear to him, who understand, which include loved ones or friends, we still absolutely hopeless one. And that’s fine. You don’t even need to write «accept», because loneliness is part of human nature, which is absolutely not terrible. Many psychologists believe that the fear of loneliness is one of the indicators of an immature infantile nature.

Without privacy, personal space, necessary is banal to think and no reflection of a healthy personality. But why is it so important to be yourself and sit alone with absolutely any occupation?

1. Learn to live a simple life

Understand that «simple life» is not to go drinking with friends and feel dumb girls in leggings «Adidas» for you. No, dude. A simple life is the ability to enjoy things that do not require running around, hunting, excitement, and some additional complications to provide pleasure, relaxation or experience. A simple life with loneliness is to sit with a book in the Park, walk down the street after work to sit to drink coffee and read manygoodtips.com. No running — silence.

2. To keep the mind clean

Privacy will allow you to clear the mind of negative, worldly thoughts and anxieties. Sat down and thought — is no tragedy in the situation no, everything goes on as usual. Rebooted, had my coffee and went on.

3. A more accurate assessment of what is happening

When you’re alone, and around something changes, you need to understand the situation, to understand whose side are you on and what do you think about this, but honestly, the most important is to understand whether or not you even understand what’s going on, is it worth it? Sometimes you need to clearly understand their reality, to understand who you are, where you are, what do you think about this and where your place in the world. If you have problems with self-identity and sense of reality (and this is quite often suffer extroverts), it’s time to retire and to leave a little bit to himself.

4. You will learn a lot about yourself

When we understand how we perceive the world, it is easier for us to understand what we do for the people and realize their doorsteps. Unfortunately, many people have no idea that they are complete bastards, because never think of it. When you begin a good understanding of what is happening in your inner world, what’s bothering you, the outside world becomes somehow clearer and simpler. High time to learn how to differentiate yourself, your thoughts, other people’s thoughts and various impurities which need to be excluded. If you do not do qualitative cleaning of your head, you will lose a lot.

5. Shooting the degree of anxiety

When we make no difference between us, the influence of others and our thoughts, anxiety begins to grow in us, just weed, and at about the same rate. If we are overloaded with issues and Affairs, we have not good thoughts. We are not able to slow them down, because we feel that they are part of us. But this is not so. If the thoughts are negative, they ultimately affect us on a very deep level, evoking from the darkness of our subconscious complexes. To rid yourself of unnecessary negative thoughts, to alleviate their anxiety, often need to look inside yourself. How to do it? That’s right: privacy.

6. Learn to separate your thoughts from alien influence

Most people don’t like being alone because they feel the need to be social and interact with other people. The only way they feel alive and significant. It’s part of human nature. Introverts are more dependent on their opinions, so it is very subjective, extroverts depend on the stronger companies, but more open to different facts. However, the amount of social interaction should be sufficient to stay sane. Although often the case with him too much. Most of us experience the constant pressure of society. The opinions poured in our ears, the environment can be very different from what’s inside us. This puts pressure on ALL people, of course, if they are not autistic. Importantly, the time alone with themselves and in society relative to our needs.

The fact that most of us are dependent on others. The rest depends to a lesser extent. Many of happiness is vital to other people. Other people we need to distract ourselves. So if you feel the need to communicate, why not communicate? We have the same thing, when we got tired of other people and communicating with even the most cool of them starts neillyuzorno vomiting. Sometimes even in the literal sense. Why not cut communication with them?

7. Need to slow down

Life is not a race. When you finally realize that you need to slow down and enjoy the most trivial detail, the air around us thickens and we become more alive. That should be enough to make us a little happier. If this happens, you need to remove from life all the distractions.

8. Remove yourself from unnecessary information

We tend to the enormous amounts of information we are good, not needed. Look at all these pages «Vkontakte», to be honest, they really need us in such numbers? Someone looks at them? Someone starts with your day? Not to say that it is right. All these social networks, a large number of articles, posts and the need to follow the life of Russian society around literally causes the brain to explode. Everything is constantly changing, and you’re not even the subject of certain things and events. What if tomorrow everything will be bad? To disconnect from the constant flow of harmful information is what we need. Of course.

9. Meet with their weaknesses

You do know that you have them? Sometimes it’s so scary and frustrating to realize that weaknesses are your weaknesses, as you suspected earlier. Of course, our ego does not like that you found a number of significant shortcomings, it will strongly resist healthy criticism of a loved one. Do not give in! We all have our weaknesses. To ignore them is the worst thing, because someday they will come out and show you his ugly face.

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