… with bacon


Just look at the pics, man! Just look! And while you’re trying to pick up more or less clear questions, we’ll tell you about the strange Western fashion in fashion in the worship of bacon. No, really, bacon was, of course, for some big-time symbol of American (and then European food). For the Russian people bacon is still pork rinds. But that’s not every pork rinds — bacon, and not every bacon — rinds. The fashion for bacon in the US is just amazing! There is even a perfume with a bacon and journals in the spirit of «Girls eat bacon».

Surprising that there was this strange product — condoms with bacon. Condomise not only have a characteristic fried bacon color, but also different characteristic smell… and taste.

On the other hand, it’s better than the smell of oil, though there is then the bacon is somehow very difficult. Probably it offends someone’s feelings. And the smell of bacon fetishism.



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