«With an open heart, pure soul…», or how to become a feminist

feministFeminism is a hot topic. Everyone has their opinion, and often I hear something in the spirit of «Stupid feminists, so let them fix your car, let them hammer the nails do not protrude and know their place.» I think the guys who say so little about it. Repeat familiar words. Now I will try to explain what I mean.

Traditional disclaimer. I am a good man. Can come in drunk to a wedding. Can roll a beer before work if I have a hangover. I’m crazy enough to seem dull. And while I’m a feminist.

Why? So it is impossible to ignore all the shit that we have to make women. If you respect your friend, you will be like a sickle in the balls when she complains that some freak «put her in her place» because she is a woman. You are guaranteed to piss off her story as the bus pinched her ass. You would freak out when she tells them how to market fruit sellers shout after her. And your friend, let’s be honest, the usual friend in the world a lot. And all of them got it. So I call myself a feminist.

Normal bro respects women. Normal bro demonstrates this. How?

Equal salary

Women are paid less. They can do the same as you, but less behind it. It just so happened. And this strange tradition, why would it? She, too, eats, pays the rent, goes to work, dresses buys drugs. Her Breasts prevent her from doing this? No. And why did she pay less? Know where the tradition that the man should pay on dates? In women not previously had Bank accounts.

Birth control

Maybe this doesn’t concern you, because women from the middle class (let’s call it that) any that understand it and can afford it, but the rest — not always. It is even more fundamental thing than the issue of wages. Just the responsibilities of the women were previously part of the birth of children. Constant. It was almost a living incubator. But time has changed. And Jesus, too, must understand this. Probably understands.


By mutual consent. Only.


You don’t have to give birth, thank eggs. Even if a friend got pregnant, you can do so that it won’t be a problem (sounds like a pig, but many do, and everyone knows about it). But she, alas, can not escape. Why can’t she have the right to decide? And Yes, children like how to love. But to love someone that you unwittingly brought into the light, not very good.

Offensive buzzwords

Moreover, that’s just rude. That «prostitute», what do you mean? And these words very much, but on our website we trying not use them, so I leave them up to your imagination. So. When you call someone a hooker, think about that before for such charges threw stones, spat, and something even worse. Historically, women are blamed for adultery, and we, the men, no. Unfair to him.

Physiological characteristics

Not for you to decide how a woman will look like. There is no «wear a skirt for daddy» (unless you like role playing games). No «EW, she doesn’t shave her legs.» I agree, unusual, but a friend «let» me, describing the situation in reverse. From me no woman wants me shaved legs, because it seems beautiful and generally acceptable. I go with hairy legs and enjoy it. It is, blah, my own feet! Anyway, before you a beer the taste is not liked, yet not tasted.

And a couple of words about you and feminism. Imagine that you bought a pack of six cans of beer. Drank four. How would you feel? Relaxed, a little pofigistichno and good. And so it is necessary to relate to feminism.

Gender expectations

Imagine the situation. You and your friends had fun on the beach, drunk, tired, burnt by the sun. What do you want the next day? Spread the back with yogurt, to put on an old t-shirt and sunglasses and maybe skip the bottle of beer to get drunk. Because it all went to hell.

And in such a situation a woman needs? Spacious, no shirt, no lack of makeup and styling. She wears heels and a dress and go. Even if she had no energy and mood. Because it’s necessary. Why, who?


The truck is complete bullshit. At least, I sincerely think so. First, all these methods idiotic. Second, they mean that women are brainless objects. Strange logic. Look at me at uni logic, incidentally, taught by a woman. Whom I would certainly not call brainless.

Women are the same people. Go to work, contribute to the development of society. Less than men because they are allowed to in this world less, but doing. And Yes, I know what you’re gonna say:

«But I’m genetically programmed to cling to the beauties!»

Chimpanzees here in my life has a lot chimpanzi. You hinted at it. And you enjoy all the benefits of civilization? It is the same. Love this, friend. Do you have a smartphone, you can at any time to eat proper food and to hide from the rain. All you need to complete happiness is to stop thinking that every counter girl wants to suck your cock.

«Even prostitutes from the club?» you can ask. Even they.


This is our last issue in quite «do you understand feminism». Question first: you govern the world? Most likely, you answered «no» because you control your bike. The answer is wrong. You’re the man. You control the world. I’ll prove it.

The second question: you can be President? So. Can.

The third question: what about the woman? Of course, if she baked pretty cupcakes with marijuana to all in the elections was high and chose her. But also not a good idea: still a lot of queer work like baking cupcakes and washing dishes.

Men can a lot more simply because they are men. People look at you and think «my boy». But women can also be cool. Even the best of us. They solve conflicts together drinking wine. Think how it is better than getting the soup. Imagine that any war would be conducted with girls. What would have happened?

In short, don’t be stupid. Any feminist. You’ll love it.

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