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Dude, I regret to accept that there is a huge dump of the Internet space is so hard to find the pearls really useful for your development. But sometimes from another article, it is sufficient to submit only one idea, which will give impetus to new achievements or just seem interesting. Even better to draw quotations from favorite books, movies and TV series. Edition manygoodtips.com happy to present to you the top 10 memorable phrases fictional characters, which is not alien to men’s experiences.

1. Sherlock Holmes

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_sA1wSakv7Ws4XLet’s start with the famous detective, who loved deduction, opium and the violin. The beauty of Sherlock as a character that we saw him different: the hero from the pages of the 1890s, and with a unique voice Livanov, and with the pathetic fights Robert Downey Jr., and performed the eccentric Cumberbatch. In General, citations in the list of all possible sources: books, films, British and American TV series – take note.

Throw away all the impossible, what remains, will be the answer, no matter how unbelievable it may be.

Sometimes the culprit is more sympathy than the victim.

Perhaps I was wrong, appearing so suddenly, and bring to a heart attack. My excuse is that it was fun… Well, the justification is so-so.

Primitive people always confuse honesty with rudeness.

My whole life is a continuous effort to avoid the dreary monotony of everyday life.

2. Harvey Specter

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_ShMkQaD9ao46aIf still you haven’t found the time to show «Force majeure», faster correct. Harvey is one of the main characters of the series – created with such reverence and love to the writers that literally sprinkles helpful thoughts from episode to episode. Well, what else do the successful lawyer-mentor? To share valuable experience with a talented partner and with the whole world, of course.

No one will check your past until you give me cause.

You can’t break the rules and justify it by the fact that someone else violated the rules.

To threaten with sanctions more effective than applying them.

I don’t know what’s going on in your imaginary world, but that you’re on your own.

– You can’t lose.

– I don’t know, never had to.

3. Homer Simpson

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_2QUzlaDTFm5suHow to do the same without a major and very charismatic Simpson? Apparently, Homer has become not only a collective image of the typical American father of the family, but also managed to win the sympathy of the whole world. The simplicity and sense of humor of the hero for 26 seasons never ceases to delight the viewer. Which Homer such thoughts.

Guy, if anybody needs me, I take popcornhour tub. I read about it in the magazine «Men’s health» in the dream.

– How will we know what to do?

– Just as does Hollywood, peeped in British films.

I’m doing everything I can, but by fate, as by the cookie, will not go away.

Flanders, you’re sixty years old, you have not lived a single day.

– The exact results of elections will report in two weeks.

– So long?!

– Not like – go to Russia!

4. Forrest Gump

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_I6SjzbgY4RKobThe history of this character is one of the most dramatic and motivating movie. Despite all the hardships and stereotypes in society, the hero of Tom Hanks has managed to become a good person and literally infected the whole world. Quotes Forrest sincere, with a hint of philosophical melancholy, but still keep the faith.

I ran because I had to run. I didn’t think about where it takes me.

The mother said that a man needs only the Essentials. The rest is window dressing.

Sometimes I think that around a few stones. Thoughts are the stones, and the more, the harder we.

Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what’s inside.

I may be not very smart, but I know what love is.

5. Barney Stinson

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_uUvgYpqVaCvS8The main pick up artist of the early 21st century, the Creator of «the Bro Code» and the man who always turns out well in the photo – all of this Barney. If you have not watched «How I met your mother», you probably at least heard of this character. It is noteworthy that the high density of jokes of the series and the comic Stinson does not prevent him to touch upon serious topics in their judgments.

But I’m not shy. In my body in the place where the gland should be ashamed are awesome gland. And it’s true.

I know it’s scary to bet on yourself. But if you don’t do it, nobody will do it for you.

Not to sound corny romantic, but this weekend, Robin is the only one I’m gonna tear the cover off.

You want to laugh Lord, tell him your intentions.

Any act in your life will never be legendary if you are not going to your friends.

6. John Locke

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_sytg3MoFKeCWkThis character is «Stay alive» was cool enough: one of the leaders of, miraculously healed after the disaster, claimed that is responsible for the fate of the island. And is not an empty phrase, because many of the key events of the series are connected with this hero. Hence, such a complicated character of John, of course, adds to the severity of everything that happens.

The troubles and the pain gave me something I have.

The leader is not a leader, if you don’t know where he is going.

Bad examples are better than good rules.

But what if everything that happens here has its cause?

Don’t tell me what I can and what – not! I only know what I can do.

7. Walt Kowalski

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_XDiXB2NAT8Qix«Gran Torino» is a modern classic of cinema, with a strong story and perfect game Clint Eastwood. It was his character, Walt, having gone through a lot and with a huge baggage of life experience, sharing it with the young Tao. And even if some things Kowalski said through clenched teeth, unnecessary words, he does not allow. In short, a real man who has a lot to learn.

Did it ever occur to you that life sometimes confronts with the people which are better to avoid? Me, for example.

I sowed this wind and I will pacify alone.

I once fixed a door that wasn’t even broken.

– You don’t know what you’re talking about…

– Nonsense, eggheads. I may not be the most pleasant guy around, but I married the best woman on the planet, trust me. Won. The best thing I’ve done in my life. But you’re a freak, let the Tick-tock, Ding Dong, and Charlie Chan go for a walk with miss, God knows. Like you, I do not know why…

In the great wisdom is much grief.

8. Perry Cox

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_xibEycuZvzhGJSo, Dr. Cox is the main character of the TV series «the Clinic», but its full of sarcastic utterances was missing in each series. By itself, a memorable image of a doctor who is not sparing in expressions nothing and no one very important to the plot and the series as a whole. Add to this the natural charm of John McGinley, and some quotes of Dr. Cox can listen to forever.

Good morning to those for whom I drink so much.

I like strong women. All I allow to destroy my life.

I don’t know what you were taught in your country, good fairies and cuddly puppies you have, if not grew up, spent their summer holidays, but you’re in the real world.

You’ll be treated better only when you will not care to notice you or not. Try it.

— I figured out why you suddenly lost consciousness.

Men do not lose consciousness. We suddenly go to sleep.

9. Dexter Morgan

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_JoEjDkqH6PkEeA genius with a mental disorder and a large share of self-irony for many of the series shows us the cynicism and exclusivity. If you are interested in non-standard worldview of this character, it’s time to plunge into the atmosphere of the TV series «Dexter». As he says: «I look at everything from the outside».

Loneliness is a form of art.

I wound up with some unexpected free time. From 20 years to life.

Christmas is a time of expectations. If you were a good, fat man in a red coat will make the way to your house and leave you gifts. But Santa Claus does not exist. In the most beautiful day of the year we celebrate a lie.

Until recently I was convinced that believe in nothing. But I was wrong. There is a thing in which I believe implicitly. After a bubble bath. life is getting better.

Today I will dress up as usual: trousers, shirt and a sham.

10. Hank Moody

manygoodtips.com_23.12.2014_JRRFgRlkb9glxThe character David Duchovny is a talented writer, a relationship with which you will feel from the very first minutes of «Californication». It just so happened that Hank refers to playboy: sex, alcohol, rock-n-roll. And family. This standard, combined and created vivid characters with interesting thoughts. What really must admit, there is a public with statements of this character.

I love women. I have all their albums.

The ability to feed a man makes a woman half as appealing and increases the breast size by one size.

Free relationship does not happen is an oxymoron! Still like a giant shrimp.

Girls from the first minute know what they want to have sex, marry or kill a guy.

The point is not whether you win or lose, it’s in how you play the game.

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