Winter sports, which must try every

In the South, decided that snow comes once a year, if you have time to recover, you can take the sled and ask you to download with some mud slides. That’s because I live in Russia, and this winter never seen. However, glad the rest is okay with this, otherwise winter sports would put on a rudimentary level, but it is not. The country is famous for athletes who know a lot about snow, cold and ice. And that’s good because we have the opportunity to watch, something to learn, something to be proud of. And, of course, you can always try for yourself. Do not have to be a professional, if you want to shake the fat with snow massifs our vast. Overall, we hope that you get to do something from the us list. Enjoy, friend!

1. Sled

Not quite sports? Oh! Luge, and is called, is very common among the Northern European countries, such as Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. It is common in the us, even the track in Sochi and is Paramonovo. Anyway, the sled in the trend, since 1964, this sport lives in the winter Olympics, which can not but rejoice. Of course, the Luge is much different from the usual rides that we had in childhood. And, of course, the speed and drive that you get when going downhill on a sled and approach to the matter is much more serious. We can just enjoy the good old sledge, to remember your childhood and roll down the hill, which was always afraid.

2. Skiing

And this is a classic that should appreciate and love. Skiing can be a surprise. When it seemed that they can only deal with old men in sweat pants and now they’re not just fashionable means of transportation in snow-covered mountains, but also an extreme sport. Look at all the desperate guys who, going by his heart, like I’m flying with ski, diving on the heads of hapless travelers.

But fans of quiet snow riding skiing has always been a priority. They’re just convenient. The country is full of trails of different levels, created by mother nature or people. They are easy to learn – no harder bike. Besides, in recent times, there are many wonderful shopsthat sell skiing. The winter season is the best time for such purchases, not least because of the best discounts and different promotions.

3. Hockey

And the coward does not play hockey, because without proper clothing it’s easy to lose teeth. In General, the game is very rough and is male. Even if you’re not a professional hockey player, the emotions will catch many. Perhaps much more than in an ordinary street football. Now there are ice rinks in almost every city, even in our city of hell. Yes, and rent is often given the stick form. So don’t be a lazy ass, gather your friends, organize a team and instead of pevcheskogo on Saturday, go to the rink to score goals in the gate. The idea for leisure, chic, and finish the can bar. The main thing – not a mass brawl, be reasonable.

4. Snowboarding

Of course, it is fun and cool. And there is nothing to explain: you have a Board, the wind behind and the frantic speed at which you’re speeding down the slope. Snowboarding not so long ago included in the winter Olympic games, although, if we talk about popularity, the sport is much superior to its competitors. We love this sport for entertainment, beauty and diversity, disciplines it a lot, can be found on the taste of anything.

Many, of course, want to start with jumps, half-pipe, but first just try to katanut at the Amateur track. The obstacles leave for later when you’re settled. And for the good of the race required a good Board. The selection is large and depends only on your possibilities. There are more budget boards are more expensive. For example, we like the company’s production Atom: they don’t hit on the wallet and give a good product. We also recommend brands like Black Fire, Burton and F2.

5. Snowkiting

Crazy and beautiful sport that combines incongruous: kite (kite) and snowboarding. This sport was born in the early 70’s, when people continued to seek new forms of expression, and they succeed. People were flying in the free sky of the Alps and continue to fly now, because winter kiting is developing in many cities of Russia, becoming more and more popular, and his fans make a damn good video to get winter sports lovers. Disciplines Snowkiting in full: freeride, flying, soaring, mountain, Enduro, cross-country. Do something to make money, there is something to undermine my nervous system.

6. Heli-skiing

This celestial activities we have already mentioned, but forgot to tell about the most important. Namely: where you can fly in the helicopter with the wind a fall on the ski down untouched snowy slopes? Although such leisure time is gaining more followers in our area, companies that take on all the challenges of organizing and doing it with taste, not so much. Heli-ski gives you a unique experience, unprecedented, and therefore it is important to choose an interesting route. Our choice – mountain region-Gudauri, where you are developing a wonderful ski tours.

In this mountainous region the organization of Heli-tours is engaged in Heli-skiing companythat knows a lot about safety and good riding on untouched slopes. But more I would like to say about the mountains: untouched nature, great snow, great terrain of the mountains.

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