Winter life hacks post

By what right winter — the longest season of the year? In my historical homeland it starts in November and ends in March — and it’s almost six months. Why winter? Why not a warm summer, when it is not necessary to wear clothes in the three layer and hands cracked from the cold? Why not at least fall with acceptable temperature and cozy skinny? Why winter, when all Ammersee, the clothes are ugly and fat, and the day short? Don’t understand. But since we have no choice, we must learn to make life easier-it’s a long, dark and cold time of the year.

Warm up the key to open the car

When real cold, even just a little moisture can block you sign in. I remember when I was quite small, spun on TV advertising maker (or machine? Who knows), in which the man was boiled the kettle and threw the boiling water on the keyhole of the car to open it. Man he was a fool, but the writers of advertising — twice as big fools, because then the water in the keyhole will freeze and all wait for spring and ride the bus. But the hot key is different. However, it must be heated in a very thick gloves to avoid burns.

Or use a Hairdryer

If you live in a private house or on the first floor and can be thrown out the window extention cord. It’s more heavy artillery than a hot key. Besides, it will not burn your hands.

Cook everything in the oven

First, everything tastier and healthier, so that you can cook in the oven for anything all year round. Second, and more important, the oven heats the air in the apartment — it’s warmer. If we’re going to eat, cook in the oven, and when you’re done, leave it open. Will warm up the kitchen.

Chandelier with fan is also warm

And I’m not crazy. You know that warm air rises? Now, he rises. Here the science is sound. The warmest air in the room near the ceiling and the coldest air near the floor. Drive the warm air down! Plug in the fan for the chandelier in the «reverse». There needs to be.

Another life of cat litter

If the wheels are spinning on ice, you will help the sand if it is to pour under the tires. There is no sand? It happens that the filler for the impulse to get much easier. You can even put in the trunk a bit of filler, let it lie, waiting for his time.


No sand, no dressing of the filler, and around some ice, and the wheels rotate? And the mats from the car do you? Placing them under the tires to the wheels was something to cling to. It works, though, perhaps, after such a thing of the mats you will have. He is guilty, that is not a supply of cat litter or sand.

Drying shoes, stuffed them with newspaper

Just put the shoes on, the battery is not everything. If you fill them with newspaper, they will absorb moisture from the inside, and bots will dry much faster.

Hot water bottle in bed

In the winter I hate the first few seconds in bed, because the bed COLD! Then, of course, I have it heated, but at first it’s just unbearable. The problem is not so dramatic that it was impossible to solve. Hot water bottle in bed.

Usespecially cardboard

Standing at the bus stop and feel like numb feet? The asphalt is cold, and the cold quickly sneaks through the shoes. Stand on a piece of cardboard. The same thing I try to do when stretched on the Playground after my run — I was standing on a piece of cardboard.

Plastic card scraper

Strangely, when motorists no scrapers. If you want it and you don’t have it, otsneba the ice using a plastic card. Perfect? Not at all. Effectively? Anything is better than bare hands.

Vinegar vs ice

It is better to avoid situations when you can freeze glass, but sometimes it’s too late to give such advice. In this case, mix three parts vinegar and one part water, pour into a spray bottle and obrycki glass in the evening to the night is not covered with ice. Or at least a thick layer of ice.

Taytsy for running — warm the linen

Titsy look… that’s weird. uh At least I am convinced of this, especially if jogger has skinny legs. But as underwear they are steeper vsamdelishny thermal underwear! First, sit well. Second, it is well to evaporate moisture, which, for a moment, cold. Try it.

Luperci on the window

How to insulate the window from which blows all day long? With pupyrchatoy film. Opryshky glass of water, Prytula tape the flat side to the glass and it will stick. You will only have to trim the edges.

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