Winter dandruff: cure, prevent, washable


This problem… My thick beautiful hair in winter affects dandruff. What is the reason? With a lack of vitamins?

The answer

Hi. You… wrote a short question in the history!!! And that you are forever staked their place in the Pantheon of myths and legends And now to answer the question.

It so happened that I also have thick and beautiful hair. And the heart responds with pain when white flakes cover the lush resin main wool. The phenomenon is common enough, the only thing I would like to clarify: in other times of the year dandruff happens? In the summer, in the warm season? I’m not picky, not trying to expose the lie purely scientific interest, because it is important. Since we are not in dialogue, and answer you dont, we assume that only in the winter. What could it be? The protest of the body against changes in the weather or, conversely, trying to disguise itself in the environment? Maybe we should think about moving to warmer climes? Because, most likely, you’re allergic to the cold. Yes, sounds strange, as the death of love, the wound of indifference, but it is quite a common thing in our latitudes. Someone infinitely watery eyes and a runny nose in the cold (and flows exactly as in classical Allergy, when blossoms mugwort), the hives, someone has headaches, and someone has dandruff, or rather, cold dermatitis is when the skin peels off. If flakes everywhere, most of all, damn allergies. Maybe not a reaction to cold, and dandruff is just a symptom. I will, of course, frightened, apologize as sincerely as Soso Pavliashvili kisses the hands of the spectators of their concerts, but this was done in order to you carefully looked after, because this «prank» should be treated.

But the most common reason is that the scalp just does not have time to adjust to sudden changes in temperature. If small temperature changes, and hair adapt to changes in the environment, then at -25°C outside and 21°C in the office physiological processes do not have time to adapt to the surrounding conditions. As a result, the hair receives less nourishment and enough moisture, they become more vulnerable. Among other things, to peel off also the skin.

Not to guess, better consult a doctor-trichologist – one of the varieties of dermatology, studies directly hair. If the city services will not, boldly go to the dermatologist. He will give you proper treatment, establish a diagnosis and tell you what and how, because most often, dandruff is the consequence of fungus of the scalp.

But since most of the population considers going to the «infirmary» a waste of time and obiralovka, offer self-treatment without consequences. All you need is to go to the drugstore and buy her toothpaste, or shampoo «nothing special in it not». As already mentioned, dandruff can be an allergic reaction, but quite ordinary fungus. This is not cosmetic shampoo is antifungal agent: and itching will be removed, and the flakes clean. Actually, the dermatologist is likely you will prescribe. Tool popular hairdressers love to advise my clients perhotin. Well, a classic of the genre – the legendary «Nizoral». Also shampoo, time-tested, fungus head eliminates Stalin enemies of the people. «Nothing special in it not» is still considered stronger, but it’s your choice, you can try first one, then another.

Well, observe some standards of measure, wear a hat. Unfortunately, I believe that luxurious hair, and the hair is more picturesque than the image of the singer Prince, but the head should be kept warm, especially if it’s a reaction to the cold. Any hair suffering from the cold the blood vessels constrict, and limit the access of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp. And then we wonder that for 40 years the head smooth as a billiard ball. Cold pulls his head like a chicken, so everyone should think about the insulation of the main. The most important thing is the brain, not what you think.

Not my head with hot water. It’s bad for hair in any condition. The water should be warm. And sit down on datcu on proper nutrition. In winter, the body suffers from lack of vitamins, so a more proper diet, and be sure to limit the consumption of spicy, fatty and alcohol. Sad, tasteless, but all of the above is the worst enemy of the hair.

If preventive measures do not help – especially to the doctor. If you really want to make your hair thick and beautiful always, there will be too much to handle.

We wish your curls to be as powerful as in the ancient Royal dynasty of the Merovingians (which your healthy hair and glory. They were also called «long-haired kings»). Good luck to them, fertility, mental and physical heat, and to the owner of a sober thought. Good luck to you!

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