Winners of the IG Nobel prize for literature.

Winners of the IG Nobel prize for literature.

Pseudoscientists always have been. Rather, they appeared exactly when science became revered on a par with religion. And is paid about as well. These guys carefully treated with mercury and bloodletting… And believe that it works.

Now, of course, such bad bro a lot. That is why smart people invented a special prize to this poor bro was ashamed of their existence… or to just laugh.

This prize is the «IG Nobel prize» or «Antinobelevskoy award», and in English it sounds like the Ig Nobel Prize.

Some studies in the field of various Sciences difficult to assess, given that there are discoveries that seem to us, regular dudes and girls, ordinary and meaningless, but for some reason nothing IG Nobel is not awarded. Sometimes even gratitude. Pundits — strange dudes.

But the IG Nobel prize for literature and discipline, the insanity of which we can fully enjoy. So, we begin.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 1991

Got man Erich von d? Niken in pseudoscientific book «chariots of the gods» (another translation — «Return to the stars»). This book explains that mankind is unable to do it yourself, the wheel, plow, and plant the seeds in the ground without the help of extraterrestrial civilizations, in other words, little green men influenced the history of mankind. Now such books are a dime a dozen, and people believing in the green teachers of mankind too. But almost 20 years ago it was a big heresy.

The IG Nobel prize for literature, 1992

The prize was awarded to Yuri Struchkov, associate of the Institute of organic compounds in Moscow. Dude is not completely unrelated to literature, and, apparently, to science, too. But rewarded him for the monstrous fertility. In the period from 1981 to 1990 (nine years) bro has published 948 scientific works. If you take the arithmetic mean for the calculations of the founders of the prize Pods «gave birth» one job every day 3.9.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 1993

Got known in narrow circles Eduard Topol and his 975 unknown even in the narrow circles of contributors. The prize was awarded for the publication of some questionable medical research, the contributors to 100 times the number of pages in it. Quality, the other can not say anything, but I don’t think it is impressive for the amount of the prize just do not give.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 1995

The award was presented to John. G. and J. Starling. Bush, of Madison, Wisconsin for the detailed and deep in all known meanings of a study entitled «Foreign bodies in the rectum: description of cases and comprehensive review of the world literature». Notable themselves a foreign body in medical practice: a jewelry saw, seven light bulbs, a knife sharpener, two lights, beer glass and more.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 1998

Received Dr. M. Sidoli of the glorious city of Washington for the very detailed article titled «the Release of the body of gases with a loud sound as protection from excessive fear.»

The IG Nobel prize for literature 1999

Was awarded the British standards institution, which instead of state Standards and certificates created detailed instruction in the six pages devoted to how to prepare a Cup of tea.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 2000

Awarded writer from Australia Ellen Grieve for her book «Living on Light» («Live the light»). The author believes that from the usual food people have problems and for a normal life a person needs only air and light. Helen came to this conclusion solely on my experience. Of course, you can well save money. Sorry that people are suffering in the concentration camps did not know the secret Warmed on the development of chlorophyll. By the way, for some reason the author is not green. His cheeks are there, just go hunting. In addition, when Helene asked to see her eating, the miracle did not happen, but dehydration has occurred. This book has generated a lot of freaks who claim that they do not eat physical food.

The IG Nobel prize for literature 2001

She was awarded the John Richards — founder of the society for the protection of the apostrophe for the works devoted to this lovely hook.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 2002

Awarded to Vicki Silvers and David Craner for his scientific work, worthy of Captain, «the Influence of improper marks in the text in understanding of text.»

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 2003

This year this prize was awarded to John Trinkaus for the collection and publication of statistics of things that irritate him. Among these things: the percentage of young people wear baseball caps backwards; the percentage of pedestrians on the streets who wear sports shoes in white; the percentage of swimmers, floating only in the shallow end of the pool; the percentage of people who are diplomats; the percentage of students who do not like Brussels sprouts. Science John will never forget.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 2004

Awarded the American library of nudists for the creation of the history of American nudism.

The IG Nobel prize for literature 2005

Got two dudes from Nigeria, send e-mail stories, decent quality, and the tragedy of Peru recognized masters. They were rich and powerful bro and asked to send a recipient some money. Goals have always been noble.

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 2006

Prize was awarded to psychology Professor Daniel Oppenheimer, the author of the article «consequences of using pseudo-scientific language: the problem of the unnecessary use of long speech structures». The publication was dedicated to scholars who use long, anyone and even they do not understand the words. Bro believes that the most difficult texts — not the most intelligent authors.

The IG Nobel prize for literature 2007

He received the prize of the scholar Glenda brown from Australia, who has studied the word «the» and the problems that he delivers all

The IG Nobel prize for literature in 2008

The jury awarded the prize to David Sims for his treatise entitled «You Bastard: A Narrative Exploration of the Experience of Indignation within Organizations» («You bastard! Literary study of the experience of the application of insults in organizations») is dedicated to the fact that it is best to recall unpleasant bro that you despise him, than keep it to yourself.

The IG Nobel prize for literature 2009

Won the award of the Irish police, who has written more than fifty traffic fines citizen the Right Drive (Prawo Jazdy), which translated from Polish means «driving license».

The IG Nobel prize in literature 2012

Received the award bro from Stanford University in the report that in order to achieve success we have to work on something important, but to avoid something even more important.

The IG Nobel prize in literature 2012

Got a bro of the accounts chamber of the United States for «Report report». I wonder, are they serious?

Here’s an interesting, man, the world of science.

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