Windows 8 saved the whole world from North Korea?

North Korea

On the latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 8 comes a multitude of complaints, some of our editors have already tested her, someone she has not like, and someone seemed tolerable, but unusual. But not about it now speech.

The New Yorker, distinguished, among other things, the resource, in all seriousness wrote an article that said that the next launch nuclear missiles North Korea did not take place because of… of gluconatesee operating system Windows 8! Supposedly, after the Koreans pressed the big red button Enter, nothing happened! The fact that last year, when all of the machines stood Windows 95, everything was just great, but it was Kim Jong Ynu to switch all the computers to the new «axis» of «tiles», all stopped working. Trouble-trouble! The problem is, in our opinion, is that Kim Jong-UN just forgot to upgrade old computer, it is not surprising that on the old 486’s, the new Windows doesn’t want to launch rockets.

The trick lies in the fact that this news quite seriously perceived quality of the publication, and the smart guys in expensive suits began desperately to discuss. In fact this is just a rumor started in Network comedian Andy Borovica. And they believed!

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