Will Smith: the life, the fear and anguish of creativity

manygoodtips.com_11.08.2016_vewhp1ruan76EMany viewers were surprised that the hero will Smith in «suicide Squad» got more screen time than the character of Jared Leto. But since the movie is still was weak, and regret it not worth it. Instead, let’s take our Deadshot and, with the stack of the capital’s liquor, get him to swap stories about life.Will Smith may not be the coolest actor in Hollywood, but he is one of those characters who shaped the worldviews of many native «boys.» And that’s good, because it’s not from books, but at least with movies, they have learned something good. Moreover, Smith himself turned out to be quite the right guy.


Don’t try to build a wall, not ready to build a wall, do not say: I will build the biggest and best wall ever built. It all starts wrong. Say: «I’ll put this brick so perfectly as a brick can be laid. And you do this every day and soon you will build a wall. It’s hard to take the first step when you look how big the task. The task is not big, it’s just one brick at a time.Listen to the man who earned millions of dollars and now starred in the movies that he is interested. Biography of will Smith’s extremely significant to believe and follow his advice. What is the problem? The embodiment of any dream starts with small steps that seem so insignificant, but it must be done, otherwise it’s not gonna work, man.

About talent

manygoodtips.com_11.08.2016_TvKbaBY5ajOVYNo matter how talented you are, your talent will ruin you if you don’t have the skills. If you do not learn, do not work really hard and dedicate yourself to being better every day, you will never be able to become successful.You can be born an Einstein, but to end his life in the gutter like a drunk Boris — forgotten and pissed. Why? Because you have not trained your genius. Thought enough of one of nature to achieve something significant in life. But success is just about hard work.

About fear

What I’m afraid of is afraid of something. The thought that I might have something to scare, frighten me physically. And if I’m afraid of something, I need to deal with this today, right now. Fear, in fact, the product of our imagination, because he makes us suffer for things which at the moment does not exist and probably never will exist; but no, we torment ourselves as if everything has already happened.And really. The nature of fear is very interesting for psychologists, ordinary people and people who are afraid of everything. From the point of view of Smith, fear is nothing more than a fantasy that breaks a man’s life, destroys his potential. If you realize it, you be able to defeat many demons within themselves.

And once the fear


On the shores of Jamaica there is one cafe, it is on the rock, where brave souls jump into the water. And I don’t know how to swim. I grew up in Philadelphia, and I imagine not very much, it was pools!

So, we sit, we eat, and the people all jump and jump, and the water to fly far enough! I was in shock of the opinion that you can jump in and rage because of the fact that I’m scared. And there was a local guy, great swimmer, and I asked him to jump into the water, wait until I jump down and help me swim to shore. In General, he jumped and waited for me while I stood on the edge and thought: how is it stupid! But I still jumped, and he helped me to swim. So I live with the fear. The moral of the story is: just do it. In reality, it is half less scary than you think.And you thought that will Smith is so cool, more water will drown, he’s in the water? Or thought he would go in the water, as the guy who loved wine? No, he is mortal like us, and even he couldn’t swim. But even in the absence of swimming skills doesn’t mean you have to score on jumping into the water.

About the «challenges»

manygoodtips.com_11.08.2016_Byu5b7AQTWQhnI think that is so, we make the situation more complicated than it is.Constantly catch myself thinking that trying to complicate painfully simple things. Especially when it comes to politics, the economy or relations. Sometimes I think that you should give yourself a face to sober up and look at the world in a new, beaten look, because this world view is the most plausible.

When you turned 40

When you turn 40, you’re in some way reassess values, redefine their position in life. Now I’m starting to notice that there is the pleasure of communicating with loved ones, but there is tenderness and love, and I would have said it earlier, if not for the need to close my eyes to everything that does not concern work. Age this changes. You become emotionally accessible, if you have children, and the rest fades into the background.All fear of this age. Well, at least those who are close to him closer. I think that after forty life. Or life is what the enemy does not want. But in another case — you become wiser. Not in the sense that your brain is getting better, and that the abundance of a mad race called life, makes itself known to you, gradually slow down to look around and see what you’ve accomplished. If you must have a lot of loving people, you’re living correctly. But if you create something «big» very well done.

On fatherhood


I have formed a direct connection between surviving in this world and the survival skills originating directly from the parents, so I don’t know how to be a father otherwise. You need to be with children every day, to be able to catch the moment when you need to explain something, suggest something. Without this you lose the ability to make a real connection. I don’t see how I can be a father who takes part in the life of my children, if I’m not with them in the most important period of formation of their characters and individuality.The paternity issue of concern to many. How to raise your children? What they should have freedom? All you need for these children to have when hanging on the shoulders of the mortgage, and the refrigerator has mice? Will Smith complicate the matter, does not like, and we agree with him. The fact that being a father means to be with children and help them in difficult times. If you stay at work, running around to clubs or ever hang out with friends at a bar, then maybe you don’t want children?

About how to do things

Poradi.yak.ua_11.08.2016_XEVGkuDCvEMl0We put ourselves into the life that causes us to do what we should do, but nobody dares to just go and start doing just what he wants. No, I understand that it’s not easy, but if you think about it! Isn’t it up to you which road to choose? The road to what you want to do in life can be difficult, but if you choose, you have a chance to be happy. No? I’m happy because I do what I like and what I want to do.Even nothing to add. Agent J nonsense not say.

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