Will beat: guide to the tattoo parlors of Moscow

manygoodtips.com_23.06.2014_Ipc6htLMKLcieOne of our regular reader asked us to write about the best places in Moscow where you can fill a cool picture. We thought, why not? Until we have time to examine only a few tattoo studios, and chose the only four that truly deserve attention. manygoodtips.com interviewed artists for a Cup of rum, learned all the secrets of «funny pictures» and share with you.

1. BarusTattoo

manygoodtips.com_20.06.2014_ieEkWRIYRfTsEThis Studio artistic tattoos located at the address Altufievskoe highway 22. To find it easily enough — just a 7-minute walk from the metro station » Vladykino. Despite the fact that the master worked here only seven months, BarusTattoo rapidly rises from his knees. And felt a reverent attitude to the child. The history of the Studio began with the fact that some guy friend of artists from the yard was asked to make a homemade tattoo machine. You guys realize that this is their new meaning of life and started to work. First practice in an open Studio, as I recall the guys from BarusTattoo, was a portrait of a child.

As a young Studio, because the prices do not bite. BarusTattoo enthusiasts and do our work efficiently, the approach to the individual client, the guys are trying that the customer left them in awe of the transformation of his body and coming back again and again. The desire to please their customers and gain a foothold in the market of tattoo services is forcing masters to constantly organize promotions, discounts and special offers. For example, certain tattoo style BarusTattoo special offers. Such styles are currently fashionable image of owls. If you have finished the sketch, the drawing will be cheaper.

In addition, periodically, the social networks of the Studio are contests, the prize was a free tattoo! Regular customers are offered good discounts.

Masters of Studio work in all directions. Naturally, the style preferences of each master your own. If a customer brings his sketch, he provides a wizard that will do the job most efficiently and effectively. And you can consult with the tattoo and the most successful its application.

The Studio is still small, albeit rapidly rising from its knees, but next year the master plan to take part in festivals and competitions tattoo artists. The leadership of the Studio jokes that they already bought a big Cabinet for prizes and medals.

We decided not to keep all their work and put you in group VK BarusTattoo.

2. Black Room tattoo studio

manygoodtips.com_20.06.2014_3D5gfzTuHzu2mThis Studio you will find at the address: Russia, Dubrovka (exit from glass doors to the right), Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street, building 22, entrance 3, 6th floor. Look for the latticed door, and the intercom dial 60.

Black Room tattoo studio was born on 10 Oct 2011. Parents were five enthusiasts, who worked as a tattoo artist at home. They are tired of sitting in the underground, so they got to do. The Studio is interesting because it is constantly exchanging experiences with artists from other cities, countries and studios. We can say that this tattoo club. Often in the Studio at metro Dubrovka come from other cities to get a nice tattoo.

Pricing Studio favorable: there are many discounts and promotions. Because the master often invited to different contests and events that they always need a «canvas» for creativity, and a chance to get a free tattoo!

Masters of Studio work in all artistic styles, every whim for your money, as they say. If you need a tattoo design, you will help him to develop individually for a fee. Black Room tattoo studio stuffed drawings everywhere: on the head, face, tongue, under the lip, and, of course, on intimate areas! Dudes here in the thread, if the customer wants something substandard frankly, would advise and assist.

We also asked artists to tell a funny story from the life of a Black Room tattoo studio. In one of the first days open to them accidentally ran a young man, stunned guys unexpected question: «can you give me «X*y stuff?». The master, of course, asked: «Where?» Guest says: «kneel!» So he stuffed all the knee known to the floor. The client is happy!

And of course the details in the group VK Black Room tattoo.

3. Blood, pain & glory tattoo

Stop.com.ua_20.06.2014_A8zgFCgGDzt8LStudio with a cool name reminiscent of the name of the album «Manowar» located at: vul. 31/22 Taganskaya. The Studio only six months, but the young and ambitious masters of everything. Going to expand the team and recruit artists.

Blood, pain & glory tattoo while gaining clientele, so they approach is absolutely individual. Masters remember that the good sketches they’ve always offered good prices, which are significantly below prices on tattoo in some other salons. However, first of all, the Studio prefers to work with established artists designs. Favorite stylistic preference is old school and neutral. But this does not mean that Blood, pain & glory tattoo can stuff your own tattoo, there is always a choice!

To the question: «What is now most popular among tattoo fans?»- the master said that men have the single advantage there, but the girls do not feed bread, give a beautiful inscription with the meaning of stuff. Most often guys cover their patterns of shoulders and chest clients.

Well, as usual in this article with all the details and bun in group VK Blood, pain & glory tattoo.

4. Lighthouse Tattoo Studio

manygoodtips.com_23.06.2014_wmE1x8qRDi1CLThis Studio you will find at the address: vul. The truth, 24. Oriented to the metro station Savelovskaya.

Studio works a year, but she already has a stable clientele. Especially many among them are those who want to decorate your body biomechanics in the style of Giger, Amateurs, Maori, old school, thrash-polka and Japanese patterns, hieroglyphs and imitation of engraving. If you get a tattoo with the name of the girl, and she dumped you, and you need to reduce the tattoo guys can score it, remove, fix and do everything to destroy the traces of their broken heart. If it «flowed», has shifted or requires restoration work, the master of Lighthouse Tattoo Studio will be able to help you. Pricing is not bad: in the presence of discounts, promotions and other buns for a steady clientele.

Lighthouse Tattoo Studio is often commissioned tattoo on his forearm. Masters advise their clients to do the banal tattoos, for example, the infinity sign and emotional signs in the spirit of «nofear».

The first tattoo is well remembered by the artists, and remember the conditions in which they beat a tattoo. An empty room: table, couch, chair, dudes beat this Indian girl on the leg.

And again for the details we send you in group VK Lighthouse Tattoo Studio.

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