Wildest coolest men’s ring

Who said that ring is a jewelry for women? Tear liar its actions. Today we offer to your attention an awesome men’s ring accessories that are not ashamed to wear with any suit and especially not ashamed to wear them as wedding.

1. The ring of titanium with a meteorite

What could be cooler? This meteorite is 4 billion years old, he flew to the us about the same and landed in South Africa. Then he was sawed to pieces and went to jewelry. Such an interesting texture of the meteorite, by the way, is found in nature very often.


2. Ring with a rare red oak

Wood is always very stylish and charismatic (at least on our website), and red oak — even better, this ring is perfect decent dude.


3. Ring with the «Bicycle» chain

This ring is also made of titanium, as a chain which, by the way, you can move your finger. In moments of nervousness helps.


4. Ring-handcuffs

It really works, man, it’s easy to open with a key attached. If you lose, then it would be a shame, although you can always use a bar of soap. Also made of titanium.


5. A ring for lovers of steampunk

Also Titan. Quite stylish engraving, fans of steampunk should enjoy it.


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